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  1. I have fired up the ps4 version on PS5 so no local save available but it's also not in my cloud saves. Which has proper pissed me off!
  2. For some reason my PS4 save is non existent in the cloud. FFS.
  3. which download was this? the coin ops one?
  4. Not sure if this has been announced? Its on Nintendo's site....
  5. Yes! Didnt the same team then do the Max Power game?
  6. Great thread this @dumpsterand guys. Very interesting.
  7. Was hoping THQ were going to annouce a sequel last week but nothing so far. Multiplayer game of the gen for me.
  8. Yeah we did see that and that area was pretty run down but like Alex says other areas seem to have been redeveloped and new builds such as tesco. Tram station looks great as well. Just needs a proper arcade now.
  9. Doesn't seem to be anywhere around where you can play anything which is a real shame for a seaside resort. Might ping Andy at arcade club and see what he has going spare
  10. Popped into Seaton today whilst on holiday.. Sadly all ticket machine crap
  11. Yeah RA needs BIOS for PS1. (RA system folder is default location for these if I remember rightly)
  12. But it did. That open world looked amazing
  13. Horizon looks fucking incredible on PS5.
  14. GT! That's a remaster intro! Trail mountain
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