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  1. I'd 100% keep Royal, he's had a tough time of it for sure but the way he's put in serious effort to improve himself as a player off the pitch shows he's got the right attitude to succeed. He needs to have his training looked at to try and reduce them but I don't think it's time to write him off yet, the club's had a lot of success sorting out injury prone young LBs and seeing them flourish. Apparently today is a rest day so nobody is due in until tomorrow, so I guess we'll see what happens when Conte is back in then. I'd imagine there'll be a very long, serious team meeting for one.
  2. I'd keep Sessegnon as he's still pretty young and I don't think Poch ever got to actually work with him, but I agree everyone else should be shipped out including the big boys. You've left out Bissouma & Sarr from your second list too, need a creative CM or two but apart from that the midfield is pretty well stacked. I want to see whomever does come in dip into the youth team more, there's a whole bunch of talent there ready to break through that needs an opportunity.
  3. Didn't Stellini also allude to that, or am I imagining things? @Gabe, I think a big reason people are pining for Poch is that he was the first manager in a long time to have the determination put his foot down and clear out the toxic overly comfortable core of players at the club, then saw that it needed to be done again but instead got the boot for pointing it out. The situation if anything has got worse in his absence and that makes letting him deal with his unfinished business very appealing. Would it be the right choice? I don't know. It's relying in Poch being entirely ruthless in regards to a lot of players he's personally close with, for one. But as he said before he got axed - the squad requires a painful rebuild.
  4. Conte giving everyone both barrels, think there's no way he isn't gone over the international break:
  5. Someone at Nike found a "Shapes/Textures" folder they're really into.
  6. Yeah Xavi should really have a word, there's plenty of danger of a career-ending head injury just through normal play without sticking it in front of people's swinging feet!
  7. He's been hanging around as part of Princess Carolyn's little droid crew from the beginning!
  8. This is what gets me about it, last season it looked like everything had started to click. Romero/Royal, Davies/Sessegnon and Bentancur/Hojbjerg looked like pairings that understood eachother and Son/Kane/Deki were absolutely devastating. In comparison everything this season just looks slow, disconnected, hesitant and lazy. Are Spurs players really that addicted to ketchup that any head coach who takes it away sees the team's form nosedive after about 6 months?!
  9. I do wonder how much of his overly tight grip on things has been down to stress over the last year. Not just losing his friends in such a short period of time, but also being away from his family for an extended period. Hopefully a break away from things back home directly will do him good.
  10. 😅 That is bizarre, there was definitely only one of those posts before!
  11. You need to see Di Maria's first goal from tonight v Nantes:
  12. You need to see the Di Maria's first goal from tonight v Nantes:
  13. Not QSI, the new one.
  14. Don't think they'll be making any deals for a new manager whilst there's a strong possibility of a buyout.
  15. The funny thing about this game is that all of the prematch was about the young midfield, who were then the only part of the pitch that got out of the game with positive credit. Sarr looks properly good, big prospect. Skipp less rusty and fitter. Actually no, Forster was better too. Hopefully he's just shaking off some rustiness as well. I guess Richy wasn't awful either, he really should be starting over Son.
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