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  1. They should go and grab Mauro Icardi, get him and Wanda in the mix too.
  2. Oh definitely, I'm sure it's a play to try and pressure de Jong to accept the previous terms, regardless of whether they really have evidence of dodgy dealing or not.
  3. Not the current administration, the previous one under Bartomeu. Bear in mind that administration was raided by the police and removed due to an investigation into corruption and misappropriation of funds.
  4. Yeah Son missed a couple that you'd normally bet on him scoring and missed giving Kane a tap-in. On the flip side Kulusevski looks even better than he did last season, as did Bentancur, and Sessegnon & Emerson have come on a lot as WBs with a proper Conte preseason too.
  5. Is their other alternate strip black or brown?
  6. I managed to get a few this morning and it was already only top-tier seats left!
  7. That's not what I was pulling up, Ezra Miller is non-binary and uses they/them pronouns. I'd appreciate it if you changed your post to reflect that too.
  8. No, it isn't. I suggest you change it.
  9. All they have rights to use of Tolkein's work is the 4 original books (including the appendices), which means that there'll be a fair bit of filling in to do by whomever is writing them series.
  10. Such a fantastic actor with an incredibly varied career, was always a highlight when he turned up in something.
  11. From that match: Oh Dele...
  12. Women's Euro 2022 Winner: France World Cup 2022 Winner: France World Cup 2022 Golden Boot: Kane Premier League winner and their points total (10pts for each): Man City 85pts Premier League bottom three (10pts for each correct): Brentford, Everton, Forest Premier League Golden Boot: Son Heung-min First EPL manager to be sacked/leave by mutual consent: Lampard Champions League winner: Real Madrid Europa League winner: Roma Europa Conference winner: West Ham SPL winner: Celtic La Liga winner: Real Madrid Bundesliga winner: Bayern Munich Serie A winner: Juventus English FA Cup winner: Spurs English League Cup winner: Man City
  13. Think there's still one or two more earmarked, although I would guess there's going to be a lot of focus on selling players from here on. Gotta move the folks left off the tour as a priority.
  14. Spence is done, this pic of his first interview has leaked: Sounds like the focus is now on prising James Maddison away from Leicester.
  15. I look forward to listening to the inevitable How Did This Get Made? Episode on this, looks like a disaster of a movie though.
  16. Fati has been plagued with injuries so he may not be part of their thinking either, along with Depay. Lewandowski is a big name too which would help with commercial revenue, something they're going to need to grow aggressively given they're missing out on a huge chunk of TV revenue for the foreseeable.
  17. Bergwijn really needs to be playing every week and he was never going to get that without a move. I expect he'll do great and get a bigger move in and couple of years, much like Haller has.
  18. Levy only sells big players who force a move, he's never flogged someone off purely to make a quick buck.
  19. Don't think the attack has been this strong since Berbatov, Keane, Defoe and Bent were all at the club.
  20. Sounds like Lenglet on a long term loan is close now, apparently he's really struggled at Barca but if I was to bet on any manager to significantly improve a CB it's Conte.
  21. Deal done Along with Bentancur, Skipp & Hojbjerg the centre of midfield is looking extremely strong.
  22. He's barely willing to use the Force at all and spent the last decade hiding in a cave with his lightsaber buried in the desert, he's as far from his peak as he's probably been his entire life. Have you not noticed that he's been almost scared to even ignite his lightsaber?
  23. I've been playing it on an Xbox pad since it went Early access, all works great IMO.
  24. Noticed this today: Could it be...
  25. Feels like for the first time since probably Arnesen & Jol that the DoF and head coach are totally on the same page and Levy is just happy to sit back and let them get on with it. I imagine he'll still want to be involved with more significant contract negotiations *cough*Kane*cough*, hopefully that'll be enough to keep him occupied!
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