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  1. On 06/08/2019 at 16:03, Garibaldi said:


    Nick Cage has been starring in so many films to placate the IRS (though to be fair he has had one or two ‘for me’ efforts. Perhaps this is one of those), that I’m starting to feel bad for the guy. Only starting, though. This was tax evasion after all. Let’s see how many more he’s got in him. 


    I believe he's finished paying them back now, so hopefully the ratio will be more in favour of weird interesting stuff in the future. 

  2. 2 minutes ago, meatbin said:

    I'm still quite baffled that we currently don't have a like for like backup for Kane. 


    I know Son and Moura can play there, but that's a different system, and if Kane gets injured again (likely) then it would be good to be able to play those two in  their usual positions.


    Seg and Le Celso are sound buys, as is Ndombele... Dybala would push us up another level. 


    Sounds like Troy Parrott is going to get some chances up top this season. If there's space in the 25 then Llorente is still free... 

  3. So folks, who do you will end up in a Spurs shirt by the end of today? Sounds like at least Sessegnon and Lo Celso will be, but will the pursuit of Dybala pay off? Will late entry Youcef Atal get over the finish line? Will Fernando Llorente be back for one more season? Will everything fall apart leaving nothing at all? 

  4. 23 minutes ago, Mr Ben said:

    I dont think its the kind of content most players would enjoy to be fair. Reddit is having a field day over the grindiness/repetitiveness of Solstice.


    I think they've overdone it again, as they have done for Mountaintop and Wendigo (and Loaded Question before with it's 40 Strikes :s) I suppose the idea is that you take your time and don't grind so hard, but they should be used to the fact that there's a hardcore base who will want to do that by now!


    They are looking at the first two , which is a positive sign, but they need to dial it down a little from the offset. The grind should be the quest for the best rolls, not actually getting the damn armour. 

  5. On 01/08/2019 at 23:35, Phelan said:

    So I bought Forsaken last year and just recently came back and went to do a Foundry only to find that it says I don't have the annual pass.


    Did I miss something I thought that Forsaken was a year ago or do I have to buy the pass again or wait for Shadowkeep? I'm fucking confused.


    What are you playing on? Sometimes it loses the licenses and you need to download them again. 

  6. 3 hours ago, wullie said:

    Paddy Power are also now sponsoring the mighty Well, with the bonus that they aren't being forced to dance around for it. Sorely tempted by that home shirt




    That away kit could just as easily be a Roma one, very snazzy. 

  7. On 17/07/2019 at 19:08, ryodi said:

    If anyone was wondering where all the football journalists are moving to.


    Football Weekly won't be the same when they cannot call on Amy Lawrence to discuss the latest Arsenal disaster which is usually the only time she ever appeared on the pod. According to the article The Athletic are looking at a scheme where it would cost £4 a month / £50 a year for a subscription which on top of the other cost of following football might be more than most fans would be willing to pay.


    Might mean she can turn up on Totally instead though, I guess it depends on if The Athletic are intending to do a Podcast.

  8. Just now, dr_manhattan^ said:

    Worst game I’ve seen all season. Only Juve v Milan at Old Trafford was a worse European final. 


    Oh jeez that was a stinker! Think you're right though. Liverpool parking the bus and Spurs firing route 1 shots down the 'keeper's neck all match, it was like a 90s mid-table clash. 

  9. 14 hours ago, Smoothy said:

    Spurs away (rumoured):




    If this turns out to be the actual shirt, along with the home, then this will be the first season where I absolutely will buy both


    5 minutes ago, Bob Sacamano said:

    I doubt they're both real because there are too many differences with the small details (the club badge and the nike bits on the bottom).  The sponsors are different sizes as well as the style of collor and sleeves being so different.


    Yeah I've see it a few fakes using that shirt template so far. It's got the pattern from this year's away on the shoulders for one thing, don't think that's coming back. Too bad though, the navy with that subtle striping looks nice. 

  10. 17 hours ago, Papaya Dance said:

    You think? I mean it doesn't look bad, but it does look like Nike couldn't be arsed.


    What colour do Spurs play in?


    OK, here is a white t-shirt. 


    To be fair to Nike, if they asked the fanbase about it that's exactly what 95% would want. 

  11. 1 minute ago, Mr Ben said:

    I also like how they nerf Whisper, when the main draw of the weapon is its infinite ammo, but dont address the massive issue that is the lack of heavy ammo drops, even when wearing heavy ammo finder! Like, fix the fucking perk for crying out loud before nerfing the one heavy that bypasses the problem.


    Yep, do that and you'd see plenty of more variety. Whisper might be a DPS monster but it's also a pain in the ass to use! 

  12. 1 hour ago, mikeyl said:

    Only recently found out that the Skull of Infinite Supers was a thing and been having the time of my life bombing literally everything in the last few weeks. So will be sad when it goes.


    But it’s obv that everyone’s loadout for the endgame content is the same, must equip Whisper, must use tether boots, must have a specific type of shotgun, must have Warlock...it’s boring. Been also guilty at thinking why tf is the next guy shooting a trace rifle at the boss, just because they are not clued in on the meta. There’s a fine line between “feeling all powerful” and making all the content trivial and an administrative route. Understand it’s part RPG and that’s the point, but it’s also a shooter. Can imagine the gatekeeping due to exotic requirements makes it more inaccessible to casuals and new people.


    So seeing all these crutch items being calmed down a bit may be a good thing. Use some different guns lads.


    This isn't because those things are too good though, it's because so many other exotic armour pieces are trash, it's been applied so haphazardly and, speaking personally, feels like certain players are being punished whilst others aren't. Tethers by themselves aren't high-DPS supers & aren't providing a debuff that's as good as a class ability, without the quick recycle you get with Orpheus Rig Nightstalker is basically a dead class when it comes to Endgame content, and how is that supposed to help make the game experience better? I don't want to have to be a f*cking Arcstrider to be a useful member of a raid team, but this along with Shards being way too unreliable means that there's little choice. 


    I guess I'll just have to get good at getting that 3x Combination Blow stack up and utterly break my Super DPS output instead, because that's not going to break your content is it, Bungie? 

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