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  1. Good article in The Athletic on the past 7 months of Conte's reign and just how he's changing things:




    Reminds me a lot of the early days of Pochettino, but with the dial turned up to 11.


    Edit: Also, I think my favourite part of yesterday was when Kulusevski curled that peach into the top corner after the Norwich fans were giving it large after the missed chance (which he was clearly looking to square to Son). 

  2. 20 minutes ago, glb said:

    Not even Spurs can throw away a champions league place from here, can they?


    It's going to be an epic battle of Antonio Conte's sheer force of will vs Spurs' inherent Spursiness. 

  3. 30 minutes ago, Naysonymous said:

    Juventus.   Still seemingly bothered by the fact that black and white stripes are synonymous with referees in the oh so profitable American market.   I kinda like the front, but again they've got the problem about how stripes look shit with a name and number on the back or the shirt looks looks incomplete without a name and number on it. I think if I were making this unveiling video I'd have have the same and number on the back rather than a huge white space.  


    Also the Adidas shoulder stripes and the geometric ones really clash, and what's with the super shiny Jeep logo with lightning bolts?!

  4. 2 minutes ago, Stoppy2000 said:

    I'm just glad that Arsenal got to play this game when they chose to. It made all the difference. 


  5. On 10/05/2022 at 15:05, Scruff said:

    All these lovely shirts (Leicester knocking it out of the park again with the away) and this is apparently what West Ham are doing:



    FFS :facepalm:


    Getting a strong rugby league vibe from those shoulder stripes. 


    Here's Roma's new kit:


    Reminds me of a richly upholstered armchair next to a huge fireplace, which isn't something I'd associate with a football kit usually. 

  6. 15 hours ago, SeanR said:

    you can switch up until U21 I think. If you go full international then you can’t. 

    but you can also apply after 5 years residency if it start before the age of 23. They mooted Manuel Almunia switching to England at some point in the past.





    You can play something like 3 games or fewer now and still switch, it used to be something a player could appeal to do (I think that's what Zaha did?) but they implemented an rule on it not too far back. Steven Caulker, for example, plays for Sierra Leone now. 

  7. 11 hours ago, SeanR said:

    why did they try to string that out?


    He was in hospital last night, so I think the reports of him passing were probably just a bit premature. 


    Edit - Oh no, he died yesterday, so that must have been Thursday night. 

  8. 21 hours ago, Stoppy2000 said:

    Skipp now out until next season. Looks like our medical team have picked their new Lamela...


    It's a sting at the business end of the season but better he got the proper treatment now (which it seems he has) and recovered properly rather than trust the medical team to "manage" it and have it develop into a long-term problem that cuts his career short. 

  9. 11 hours ago, Stoppy2000 said:

    He's been very keen to mention this whenever given the chance. Will he ever admit anything might be his fault? Also what was the point of signing Dele?


    I think Uncle Harry told him that it was a good idea. Maybe if Lampard had some of the man management ability Harry has then it would have been. 

  10. 55 minutes ago, milko said:


    So it isn't the club or even the owners, but the investment firm that owns their landlords who have also been fucking them around the club since 2018 (they want the land). Looks like trying to drive a football club out of existence is extremely low down on their list of crimes, though! :s


    Oh god I've just realised they're the baddies from an 80s sports movie. 

  11. 43 minutes ago, moosegrinder said:

    Yeah my first reaction was Masterworks are now worthless. Why make it take up a mod slot?


    The element affinity pisses me off no end so I just run the same armour for everything. I can't be fucked with 4 armour sets or switching shit around or uuuuuuuuuuuuuurgh.


    Ironically the only catalyst I wanted was Le Monarque and now it's got it it doesn't seem worth grinding out. Not sure what it does yet though.


    Unrelenting should make it really good for survivability given how potent the poison burst is, although It would have been nice if that had got a little size buff too.

  12. 17 hours ago, Jammy said:

    How come we were pretty solid for the three months our best CB was out, and as soon as he’s come back we’ve looked a shambles again ?!?


    Losing Dier from the back has thrown the balance off, which really shows how much better he's been since Conte arrived.


    That midfield was odd though, can only imagine that Hojbjerg was also nursing a knock as throwing Winks in there with a still adjusting Bentancur was always going to be a problem. 

  13. I wouldn't be so quick to replace him, especially short-term. He may not be the absolute best but he offers a degree of leadership there that nobody else really does, and that's an important element. It is unfortunate for Skipp as he's done nothing really wrong, though. 

  14. 14 hours ago, Festoon said:

    Hasn't Willis just settled for a flat fee for X minutes in a film?


    Not a bad way to make money if you can't be bothered acting anymore.


    A few people in the comments suggesting that him dropping down to this kind of film & needing an earpiece for lines is due to progressing dementia, which would be pretty damn sad if accurate. 

  15. 56 minutes ago, meatbin said:

    Obviously we know nothing about the dressing room dynamics, but getting rid of Dele, LC, Ndom will surely only bring a better mood to the camp.


    I would imagine people will miss Dele as he's been there for so long and was good mates with a number of players, I saw somewhere Lo Celso was pretty unpopular though. 

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