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  1. It's funny that Nuno seemed to get the most out of him whilst getting the least out of everyone else. It's too bad he just doesn't seem interested now, seeing how much Winks has come on in a short space of time and wondering where Ndombele could be with the same level of buy-in is depressing.
  2. Game has been postponed now.
  3. There's some mentality issues there but I also think his development as a player hasn't been quite right for the skills he does have. His passing and pace really aren't good enough for someone who's supposed to be a midfielder, and without the likes of Eriksen and Poch-era Dembele around him that gets exposed much more often. I think he probably should have been moved into being a forward as his technique and goal instincts have always been good, but with Kane at the club I doubt that was ever seen as an option.
  4. Your contenders: Edit: FIFA have blocked embedding it seems, but the link should go to the playlist. Absolutely love Weir's lob and of course Lamela's cheeky rabona, but I think I'd have to give it to Pavlidis' mazy run. Who would your pick be, and what goal do you think the folks at FIFA have missed out?
  5. Lo Celso & Ndombele would both need to improve a lot for those to work, I expect it to remain either/or with those two with Ndombele being first pick. The midfield does need to be more creative but I think that will come from tactical improvement rather than a change in personnel.
  6. The squad has needed a big refresh since Pochettino said exactly that, and it essentially got him sacked. If Levy had listened to him then the rebuild would probably be done by now, instead it's about 1/3 of the way through and there's a bunch of stale players still hanging around.
  7. I missed the first half annoyingly. Didn't think the performance in the second was bad in the first 2/3 of the pitch, but as soon as it came to turning the possession into a chance it fell apart. The team was seemingly determined to play through the middle of a very solid defence and it was never going to work. Nuno did try to change it up I think when he brought on Gil & Bergwijn but it didn't work at all, and West Ham really exploited Gil not being comfortable as a WB to end the game on the front foot. To be honest I do still think there were the same green shoots visible that were present against Villa. There was definitely a clear intent to retain possession, control the game and build patiently, but it didn't pay off and it looks like there's an element missing currently. That might be helped by players coming back from injury, but it's probably a gap that needs to be filled with an incoming player, along with a number of outgoings.
  8. This could be a spoiler for the Flash movie if you're unfamiliar with Flashpoint:
  9. I think the whole XI will be for the time being, with the rest playing cup games. With the system having shifted hard toward controlled possession football I wonder if Nuno was just being too cautious in changing the system as a whole but then thought "fuck it" after the bad run. Could be that the team as a whole has found the switch back towards that style easier as they spent so much less time with Mou on the training ground over his 2 seasons due to Covid.
  10. I expect the plan is going to be to let Ndombele adapt into it, the things he was trying didn't really come off right yesterday but he had the right ideas, so it could well work out. That said that spot is probably where Kane's long-term future lays (even if it isn't at Spurs) as he loses some of the the limited pace he had and becomes more of a provider than a finisher, so it might be worth giving him some time there too. Stick Son up top and bring Gil or Bergwijn in on the left to inject more speed into that attacking line and get them pressing higher up.
  11. That looked a lot better, more balanced and actually exerted control on the ball. The response to their equaliser - going right back up the other end to score - was much much better.
  12. Against Man City the players looked like they were with the program, but it's been continually eroding since then. I don't think he's a useless manager, he did do a good job at Wolves, but I do think he's just as burnt out now as he was in the last season there. I'm sure he felt that he couldn't pass up the job when Levy came knocking, but he should have taken time off.
  13. After yesterday you really have to question what's going on, absolutely no urgency or drive from the players to compete at all. Think Nuno has lost them all already.
  14. Anyone who comes in is going to be faced with the same problem - we lack a lot of creativity in central positions in the squad and the players who are creative aren't reliable, especially now Kane's head looks to be elsewhere.
  15. They were certainly supposed to have!
  16. Pretty definitive, then.
  17. Fighting Lion has been tweaked so it has infinite ammo but reload time is dependent upon hitting more than one enemy with the blast. I'm excited by the possibilities of infinite ammo Devil's Ruin, especially if they haven't fixed the reload bug. Didn't have time to test it yesterday so not sure.
  18. Annoying thing about that is the two players who want to leave (Sissoko and N'Dombele) nobody is trying to buy, and the one player who clubs apparently want to buy (Winks) is refusing to leave!
  19. Spurs have done both of these things in recent years, in no small part because of Kane's contributions.
  20. Reports saying he'll be back in training by the end of the week now, I guess he wasn't expecting quite that amount of public blowback. He may perhaps not be worth that much to Man City given their talent pool, but he's easily worth that to Spurs, and they're the ones who get to set the price. If City don't want to pay that then no problem, they can find someone else.
  21. Pretty scathing from a Man City source: Whoever gave the Sun this (speculation rife that it's from Kane's agent/brother) has really fucked it, Levy won't be accepting less than that now.
  22. Yeah I really like it too, might even be tempted to buy it!
  23. lol, how many times did they say that Berbatov had been sold to Man United over the course of about a year? £160m is a good amount, but I expect Levy is thinking what I am - Man City can afford to pay more than that for him.
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