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  1. Conversely I find it baffling how Carrick ended up with so few.
  2. He's worse than Tyldesley, and I thought that was impossible.
  3. Goals, assists, leadership qualities and part of the Homegrown quota all combined? It'll cost more than that to replace his contribution to the team than that, so I don't think it's particularly unreasonable.
  4. I've learned to tolerate/ignore it in certain situations (mostly when it's cooked into things), but celery is the only thing that I actively dislike due to flavour. If it's fresh and crunchy in anything then it's getting picked out and the smell when someone is chopping it is almost guaranteed to make me gag.
  5. With Paratici reportedly also on his way in as DoF there's going to be a buffer between them in terms of transfer dealings, which would be the area they'd likely clash.
  6. Not that many really. Aurier was definitely a bit of a miss with him and Foyth didn't really get much time to play, but his other purchases either played better under him than they have under Mourinho or barely had any time with him. Remember that there was that 18-month period where there were no purchases at all! Still, one of the big issues in the summer before he left was Pochettino wanted to do a big rebuild and other people at the club didn't, which is a problem anyone coming in is going to have to face still.
  7. Would be happy to see Poch back, not only because he knows a lot of the work that needs to be done to refresh the squad already but also as it's a pretty clear indication that Levy knows how much he fucked it by firing him and hiring Mourinho. That said I'd be very happy with Conte as well, he's a really smart manager who knows how to adapt tactics to the squad he has. Taking the mediocre squad he had at Juve in his first season not only to the title but to do it unbeaten was truly remarkable. I expect him to be rocking up at the Bernabeu soon though, really.
  8. You're right that's the wrong bit, after a quick look it's
  9. You get to unlock a new weapon in ME2 during one of the missions about midway through the story:
  10. Think Lo Celso deserves a bit more time given how disrupted his season has been with so many niggling injuries. I'd include Sissoko and Sanchez in the players who need to move on too, and really there needs to be some serious thought put into replacing Lloris and Toby long-term. Would be happy to see a lot of the gaps left by that lot filled by youngsters, tbh.
  11. If you've never ignored someone before I believe you can only do it in desktop mode, but if you hover over someone's avatar a popup will appear with "ignore user" as an option at the bottom.
  12. The only sunset stuff that still drops should be unique rewards from nightfalls I think, which weapon did you get?
  13. He's already tried in Super 8 and the end result was, whilst visually similar, as dull as dishwater.
  14. One of the strange things about all this is that Juve Chairman Andrea Agnelli was a big supporter of the new format. Believe he was one of the primary people pushing for the change, and now this has all happened. Makes me wonder which teams have been the driving forces behind this and which are going along with it because they're afraid of being left behind...
  15. Blind Well is also still there in the Dreaming City, although if you want to progress all the way through through you might need to pop back and forth a few times to find others using it.
  16. The Trinity Ghoul one turns it into an absolute beast, definitely worth doing.
  17. They rotate every day so best to keep an eye out. The two I've found easiest are Bunker 15 and Exodus Garden in the Cosmodrome (the one with the big servitor). Esoterickk on YouTube does good guides on tackling them all. I've tried one Moon one and it was an absolute pain (Champions and Nightmares?!), best to stick to the Cosmodrome and Europa.
  18. I recall there being some really nicely done ones in Freespace 2 where you're part of the fighter screen for various capital ships, I seem to recall there being one in the nebula that's got a great build of tension as you creep along waiting for enemy contact... Oh man now I want to play Freespace 2 again!
  19. You get 10 for each of the "hidden" chests in the raid, per character, per week, so 20 total per raid, or if you run it again with the same character you get 5 per encounter that gives loot, which would give you 15 for a full run. You can also farm the first encounter for unlimited per week if you have the time to invest into that, but that requires a little bit of setup.
  20. Game week 26 is a double week for a fair few teams, ten of my XI have 2 games!
  21. There's already been rumours about Spielberg, I can't recall if anyone has gone public with anything though. It's been alleged that he was having affairs with people from Buffy onwards, this is another layer of alleged abusive behaviour on top of that.
  22. Bungie's handling of Destiny 2 regularly creates a lot of community engagement.
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