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  1. The Trinity Ghoul one turns it into an absolute beast, definitely worth doing.
  2. They rotate every day so best to keep an eye out. The two I've found easiest are Bunker 15 and Exodus Garden in the Cosmodrome (the one with the big servitor). Esoterickk on YouTube does good guides on tackling them all. I've tried one Moon one and it was an absolute pain (Champions and Nightmares?!), best to stick to the Cosmodrome and Europa.
  3. I recall there being some really nicely done ones in Freespace 2 where you're part of the fighter screen for various capital ships, I seem to recall there being one in the nebula that's got a great build of tension as you creep along waiting for enemy contact... Oh man now I want to play Freespace 2 again!
  4. You get 10 for each of the "hidden" chests in the raid, per character, per week, so 20 total per raid, or if you run it again with the same character you get 5 per encounter that gives loot, which would give you 15 for a full run. You can also farm the first encounter for unlimited per week if you have the time to invest into that, but that requires a little bit of setup.
  5. Game week 26 is a double week for a fair few teams, ten of my XI have 2 games!
  6. There's already been rumours about Spielberg, I can't recall if anyone has gone public with anything though. It's been alleged that he was having affairs with people from Buffy onwards, this is another layer of alleged abusive behaviour on top of that.
  7. Bungie's handling of Destiny 2 regularly creates a lot of community engagement.
  8. Funny to see this thread pop up, as KOTOR 2 has finally been released on mobile this week! Apparently there are some initial bugs so may be best to hold off for a little bit and let those get sorted, I guess if you haven't already you could play the first one on mobile whilst you wait.
  9. Son's goal v Burnley won the Puskas award!
  10. This was going to be my mention too. Much like Bloodlines, the mod community basically finished the game when the devs were forced to rush them out/stop supporting them in a bit of a state.
  11. There's a little terminal to the left the Postmaster in the Tower.
  12. They're keeping them in for a set period of time (although I thought that it was only going to be Spider who had them) so people can use them up, but it definitely seems like a mistake to have both modules in a given day only available for vaulted materials.
  13. Be sure to go and grab the seasonal artifact in the Tower right away so you can start unlocking the mods on it, and the gun mission from Banshee too so you can start progressing it, but apart from that the seasonal stuff can wait really as it only becomes important for progression once you've hit 1200 light (which the story should get you to) and need the powerful drops.
  14. Rumours going around that Maradona has died of a heart attack.
  15. You can also unlock higher difficulty Empire Hunts, which is where you can get the new Exotic sniper Rifle Thunderlord-a-like Cloud Strike. There's still a few more things to unlock in Varik's sabotage perks too, will be interesting to see what gives us access to those. Vault of Glass, perhaps?
  16. Give this a watch when you have made your way through it: Tl:dr - the show really pulls no punches!
  17. "Have you ever heard the tragedy of Darth Tinker the wise?"
  18. I really hated Crown. It threw too many mechanics at you at once and felt stressful all the time, even when it was going well.
  19. IIRC there's a ship named Revan in one of the films, could be TROS, or maybe in one of the art books. Was grinning like a loon through the whole episode. I've just finished binging the whole of Clone Wars in the past couple of weeks this evening, then went right into this!
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