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  1. I really hope so! Nobody would miss the old version and changing the map to maybe be a bit bigger and more diverse would be great. That said I really fell off the last season a few weeks ago now, and the fact that this one is longer is making me sceptical all this content will stretch even further.
  2. redbloodcell


    Sky Sports say there's been contact with him: He's wanted to manage in England for ages now, so I would imagine he'd jump at the chance if that's accurate.
  3. Aye, Rose is never going to be a good "tuck into a back 3" style full-back, whereas Davies is pretty much perfect for it.
  4. Well, it's official. I have absolutely no faith that Levy will keep him happy for more than maybe half a season.
  5. Absolutely fuming at this. Best manager we've had in a very long time and has been completely let down by the club, who've shown him no loyalty at all. The idea of replacing him with Mourinho is less appealing than the idea of walking on broken glass barefoot.
  6. You can pick which one you'll get next out of the range of what they have, though. Planalto is something they always seem to have available. I've had to switch to decaf for a while and have found their decaf coffee is actually really quite good! The filter grind is a little too fine though, so I've switched it to coarse for next month which will hopefully rectify that. I assume that the extra process to extract the caffeine makes the beans a little more brittle.
  7. It's not even consistent. Why is the line from the defender being measured from his knee this time and not his shoulder or his head? All VAR has done is move the incompetence from pitch-side to behind a monitor.
  8. Speaking of VAR: Seriously, what nonsensical bullshit it this? The guy touching it made absolutely no difference, it wasn't going for anything but a goal kick after the striker shanked it wide. It just seems so utterly petty.
  9. Old guns also only have one perk and no random rolls, apart from the Raid ones which have 2 perks. ...and that's after they made it much quicker to get!
  10. Just in case you and other people don't know, that instant regen also gets applied in Gambit if you get to a tie-breaker. Provided you get some hits on the primeval or the envoys you'll be recharged. Certainly makes winning those easier! @Orbital2060 - it has switched now, yeah. Bungie gave everyone who bought Shadowkeep a pass for this season. Next season is another £10ish (you buy it with Silver so its whatever you can get £10 Xbox credit for). However if you bought the Deluxe edition then they're all included.
  11. With Alli back and Lo Celso finally coming in hopefully that can continue now, and the team can really start the season.
  12. It poops them out (and barely takes any away) until you reach where it thinks you belong in terms of rank, then it should even out.
  13. They should stick a "Story" node on the Destinations screen or something, seems really dumb to hide it away in a corner of the Tower somewhere and lose that opportunity for new player engagement.
  14. Even for New Light players?! That's an awful decision if so! I know everyone hates Osiris but not sticking the Red War Campaign in first, which is designed to introduce the game to you, seems incredibly silly :/
  15. I'd say the best thing to do when you're starting out is just follow the story (red "Red War" icon on the map for the initial storyline, after that it'll be Curse of Osiris starting on Mercury, then Warmind on Mars). Don't worry about stats and builds past getting the highest light level equipped until you're past the Soft Cap of 900, just always stick on whatever guns and armour are the highest light and give those enemies of Humanity a damn good thrashing
  16. Think you do more damage to Nightmares with it. Edit - actually, it might be a buff v "Unstoppable" enemies.
  17. Oh man, New Zealand are in a mood this half. Canada getting seriously embarrassed.
  18. You should do, but you'll need to install it manually in the Game Management screen.
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