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  1. 17 minutes ago, Loik V credern said:

    I'd watch a cut of The Hobbit that condenses all 3 films into one, if that's even possible. And no 3 hour epic either.


    That's fine then, the "Tolkien Edit" is 4 ;)

    (note I've never watched it, so have no idea if it's any good) 


    There's some interesting insight into the DC of Kingdom of Heaven in this video, if anyone is interested (there are spoilers, mind):



  2. 23 minutes ago, Gotters said:

    no football leaves a huge gap, no Totally Football podcast, hours of radio left to fill, sports channels showing PL Years and darts gold on rotation.


    will sky/BT give us discounts on subs ?


    Maybe we'll get a whole bunch of extra Golazzo out of it :wub:


  3. Been happily chugging through this for the last few weeks, just finished the main story last night having already done Heart of Stone, and have started on Blood & Wine. After that I think ill dive into an NG+ but perhaps with some additional mods. Any recommendations from the PC folk in here? 

  4. 1 hour ago, Naysonymous said:



    Eriksen confirmed at Inter.  I see he's gone from scruffy git to stylish gent in about five minutes. 


    12 minutes ago, Charliemouse said:

    It’s a bit of a sideways move for him really but any chance he may have had of moving to one of the real giants on football were over when he put in such an abject performance in the Champions League final.


    Sad to see him go but it's been clear for ages he wanted a change. The big move never materialised and it clearly affected him. 


    With Lo Celso's permanent deal being announced just after his replacement is already secure. From what he's been showing already he looks a really exciting one. 

  5. 1 hour ago, meatbin said:

    I cannot understand why Eriksen is starting over Lo Celso.


    Only thing I can think of is Lo Celso is maybe still not up to 100% fitness, he was a real breath of fresh air when he came on Saturday and it shows how much a player with impetus can pick up others. Eriksen hasn't shown that level of commitment for so long now it's just depressing. 

  6. Yeah, they could even keep the max power stat for the armour so there is something to chase, but let us determine where to put those points somehow. 


    Also just have fewer points, given the stats have tiers making them out of 100 is pointless. Make them all out of 10, have armour roll 4,5 or 6 with Masterworking giving you an extra point to spend. It'd make chasing different sets much less daunting as well.


    Armour 1.5 worked better IMO, it just needed some tweaking rather than the massive overhaul that 2.0 ended up being. 

  7. 1 hour ago, Hexx said:


    You get some from the weekly quests, but yeah I think the last stage was meant for people who did some cookies last year.


    The grind is starting to lose interest for me now. I still like logging on and having a good pew (especially with chums) but there's no reason to power increase etc (even slowly).


    This is where I am now, adding power every season and season-specific mods along with 6 RNG stats on each armour piece has killed my interest pretty dead. I don't want to be perma-grinding a good set of new armour and new guns every season just to keep up with the top level stuff, and doing the top level stuff feels like a chore anyway because I have no interest in heavy-grinding that extra 10 power to the Pinnacle cap anyway. 

  8. 21 hours ago, Adrock said:

    Monitoring fans isn't the same as being able to hear audio from every single one. It probably means they have cameras, if they can't clearly see someone repeatedly making gestures it might be difficult to catch them.


    They were using professional lipreaders, so not relying on audio. Obviously that makes it more complicated but having individual audio for everyone in the stadium would be impossible. 


    They also made it clear that they found nothing to contradict Rudiger's claim, just not to confirm it. 


    More about it here: https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.bbc.co.uk/sport/amp/football/51012632

  9. On 03/12/2019 at 20:53, moosegrinder said:


    It's make sense with Osiris and all his flannel being so prominent .


    Do we think they'll have reworked Mercury to not be shit? And maybe kicked Brother Vance in the dick and told him wind his fucking neck in?


    I really hope so! Nobody would miss the old version and changing the map to maybe be a bit bigger and more diverse would be great. 


    That said I really fell off the last season a few weeks ago now, and the fact that this one is longer is making me sceptical all this content will stretch even further. 

  10. 50 minutes ago, Lucky said:

    How about Simeone, Ancelotti or Allegri?


    Sky Sports say there's been contact with him:


    He's wanted to manage in England for ages now, so I would imagine he'd jump at the chance if that's accurate. 

  11. 21 hours ago, Charliemouse said:

    I am more than happy for him to sideline Rose though, he was fucking awful again last night.


    1 hour ago, Jammy said:

    @CharliemouseI don’t think he’d have played if Davies was fit.


    Aye, Rose is never going to be a good "tuck into a back 3" style full-back, whereas Davies is pretty much perfect for it.

  12. 13 minutes ago, Ran said:
      Reveal hidden contents

    It's another weird thing that lacks a bit of clarity. On Bogano you may recall opening a little rusty opening under the main launchpad where you arrive. There's a little Bogling inside and he runs off as Cal mentions something about giving him a home.

    I think the implication is that it's on the ship with you (I think there's even a 'companion joined' little flashup when you free it). I never actually saw the thing on the ship, so don't know if it's a little bit of humour where you know what's causing all these grievances secretly or whether it's just a bug that you don't see it on the ship at all



    13 minutes ago, Hexx said:


      Reveal hidden contents

    One of the secrets near the landing pad on Bogono (downstairs at the start) has you adopt one of the fox creatures as a pet/stowaway - I assumed that triggered that dialogue line and it was a "joke" you hadn't told the crew about it (you never see it on the ship). 


    You do see it on the ship, when you're in space it's hiding under the planet holomap table! 


  13. Absolutely fuming at this. Best manager we've had in a very long time and has been completely let down by the club, who've shown him no loyalty at all. The idea of replacing him with Mourinho is less appealing than the idea of walking on broken glass barefoot. 

  14. On 09/11/2019 at 12:43, HarryBizzle said:

    Towards the end of my yirgacheffe bag I managed to get some decent brews out of it. 


    Since then my second Pact bag has turned up - Planalto this time, a Brazilian coffee with “malt chocolate” as the flavour note. 

    It’s lovely! No acidic fruitiness at all. Just strong and smooth. It’s a shame Pact don’t let you buy in bags larger than 250g. 


    You can pick which one you'll get next out of the range of what they have, though. Planalto is something they always seem to have available. 


    I've had to switch to decaf for a while and have found their decaf coffee is actually really quite good! The filter grind is a little too fine though, so I've switched it to coarse for next month which will hopefully rectify that. I assume that the extra process to extract the caffeine makes the beans a little more brittle. 

  15. 1 hour ago, Dudley said:

    4 minutes to rule a goal offside for literally a pixel, even assuming they got the right frame.




    "Clear and Obvious"


    It's not even consistent. Why is the line from the defender being measured from his knee this time and not his shoulder or his head? 


    All VAR has done is move the incompetence from pitch-side to behind a monitor. 

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