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  1. I don't think he wants to go, but I do think he's incredibly frustrated at the moment. Finally got the players he wanted in a Transfer window and they're all injured, and the rest of the squad is performing well below what's expected of them. What's odd is that I think for many of them, the England lads certainly, this was their first summer off in ages, yet it really doesn't look like it's helped them!
  2. Tangentially if you want to experiment a little with your Aeropress and have an Android phone give Aerorecipe a go.
  3. It looks as lame as when Hawkeye popped his bow open in the first Avengers. That said I think it could have looked better if they'd had her do a bigger flourish when opening it up to disguise it. As someone who enjoyed TLJ I just hope JJ doesn't slide it up to 11 with the fan-service.
  4. Yeah it's really not bad in terms of volume, and it's also incredibly fast so what noise it does put out doesn't last very long!
  5. An Arsenic Bite with Archer's Tempo and Rampage would also be a good choice. Bows aren't really in a great place though, hopefully they've looked at them alongside the buff for Scouts in Shadowkeep.
  6. I think it'd be less of an issue in other leagues, but there's not been anything from other European teams yet apart from a passing rumour of PSG taking interest.
  7. I believe he's finished paying them back now, so hopefully the ratio will be more in favour of weird interesting stuff in the future.
  8. Sounds like Troy Parrott is going to get some chances up top this season. If there's space in the 25 then Llorente is still free...
  9. So folks, who do you will end up in a Spurs shirt by the end of today? Sounds like at least Sessegnon and Lo Celso will be, but will the pursuit of Dybala pay off? Will late entry Youcef Atal get over the finish line? Will Fernando Llorente be back for one more season? Will everything fall apart leaving nothing at all?
  10. I think they've overdone it again, as they have done for Mountaintop and Wendigo (and Loaded Question before with it's 40 Strikes :s) I suppose the idea is that you take your time and don't grind so hard, but they should be used to the fact that there's a hardcore base who will want to do that by now! They are looking at the first two , which is a positive sign, but they need to dial it down a little from the offset. The grind should be the quest for the best rolls, not actually getting the damn armour.
  11. What are you playing on? Sometimes it loses the licenses and you need to download them again.
  12. Back as Bloodstream FC for another year of mid-table mediocrity
  13. That away kit could just as easily be a Roma one, very snazzy.
  14. Quite smart bit of marketing from PP in the end, then!
  15. Might mean she can turn up on Totally instead though, I guess it depends on if The Athletic are intending to do a Podcast.
  16. redbloodcell


    Supposedly, he did. Zokora wasn't very good, though.
  17. Purple/Navy always reminds me of this one: Classic
  18. Folks, Spurs signed a player! Then, get this because it's freakin wild, THEY SIGNED ANOTHER ONE! Madness.
  19. ... Sheeeeit, can't unsee it now!
  20. Just a note regarding this - if you haven't finished Forsaken you might need to finish levelling to 50 before you can use the 690 stuff!
  21. Obviously to commemorate the club's Jan 1901 match v "German XI"
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