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  1. 11 hours ago, Charliemouse said:

    So a team containing no players who want out, play well and could have scored a few more, no real shock there and hopefully this will be the way forward from now on.




    With Alli back and Lo Celso finally coming in hopefully that can continue now, and the team can really start the season. 

  2. On 05/10/2019 at 18:58, auntyclimax said:

    I'm in, on XBOX (don't hate).


    -I bought the £50 didi version. Forsaken not included? WTF?

    -HDR on XBONEX is a lot better than PS4Pro, perhaps my setting? Crisper and richer too.

    -Nav is terrible, absolutely terrible.

    -Lack of df0, Lordscotland, Soi and the G&T team on the whole makes me sad.

    -Any XBOX players wanna be my friend? :doh:


    4 hours ago, Mars said:

    I’m Arcturus 36 7 on Xbox :) Is there a rllmuk clan?


    Join ussss!

  3. 1 hour ago, KartoffelKopf said:



    That's where he got confused though so maybe it just dumps you there and then.....nothing. The first mission is that revamped D1 mission anyway so it's not the same as the Red War intro. I might install it on my kids PS4 over the weekend just to see what happens.


    I think the difficulty is that they wanted new players to be able to jump in straight away with veteran players rather than make them play through 4 campaigns so they have to open the tower and Gambit and raids and all that as I suspect most would drop off the game before then otherwise.


    However, a simple 'Are you a new player?' pop-up with a guided tour of the Director and some logical places to put the old campaign would have helped immesaurably. It definitely seems to have been lazy and a bit of an afterthought. There will be a constant stream of new players now though so hopefully they can cobble something together.


    They should stick a "Story" node on the Destinations screen or something, seems really dumb to hide it away in a corner of the Tower somewhere and lose that opportunity for new player engagement. 

  4. 10 minutes ago, KartoffelKopf said:


    Apparently so. The first thing it asks you to do is go to the moon and speak to Eris which they then can't progress unless they lay down some cash for Shadowkeep! Who is going to do that for a F2P game they've only just started playing. Forsaken is on the map but you aren't alerted to the fact you need to do it, you just have to 'know'


    It's just seems to be the same version of the game that everyone else has but with paywalled content. 


    found the Reddit thread (spoilered for length) - 


      Reveal hidden contents




    :facepalm: 'sake Bungie. 

  5. 31 minutes ago, KartoffelKopf said:


    Is this right though?. As I understand it, the Red War, Osiris and Warmind campaigns are NOT on the map by default, only Forsaken. To play all the original campaigns you need to go to Amanda Holliday in the tower to start them which isn't signposted anywhere. 


    I may be wrong here as I'm only going by reports I've read. I'm going to install New Light for my kids over the weekend so will be interesting to see how they've done it. Sounds like its a impenetrable for newcomers.


    Even for New Light players?! That's an awful decision if so! I know everyone hates Osiris but not sticking the Red War Campaign in first, which is designed to introduce the game to you, seems incredibly silly :/

  6. 19 hours ago, MpM said:

    So, I've been having a quick play in this and....I have absolutely no idea what I'm suppossed to be doing. A brief opening single player shooting bit then dumped at 'The Farm' with not really much instruction as to what to do next.


    The campaign objectives in this game are as clear as mud,TBH. It really is a multiplayer co-operative shooter and not much else.


    Reading some of the posts in here shows what an overwhelming eco-system it is to learn, it's all a completely different language to me.:blush:







    17 hours ago, Charliemouse said:

    As a newcomer to the game, it really is very overwelming when you start.  So many things to do and it's hard to know what to do first.


    I'd say the best thing to do when you're starting out is just follow the story (red "Red War" icon on the map for the initial storyline, after that it'll be Curse of Osiris starting on Mercury, then Warmind on Mars). Don't worry about stats and builds past getting the highest light level equipped until you're past the Soft Cap of 900, just always stick on whatever guns and armour are the highest light and give those enemies of Humanity a damn good thrashing ;)

  7. On 22/09/2019 at 18:39, Silent Runner said:

    The difference in speed and aggression when Wilock and Torreira came on was incredible. That's got to be the end of Xhaka for a while. 



  8. 16 hours ago, Stoppy2000 said:

    Poch wants out. But the league cup? Who gives a shit anyway. 


    I don't think he wants to go, but I do think he's incredibly frustrated at the moment. Finally got the players he wanted in a Transfer window and they're all injured, and the rest of the squad is performing well below what's expected of them. 


    What's odd is that I think for many of them, the England lads certainly, this was their first summer off in ages, yet it really doesn't look like it's helped them! 

  9. On 08/08/2019 at 23:46, HarryBizzle said:


    Man, that's a lot quicker than I got to grips with it. What method are you using?


    Tangentially if you want to experiment a little with your Aeropress and have an Android phone give Aerorecipe a go. 

  10. 33 minutes ago, cubik said:

    Looks good with the exception of the folding/swinging lightsaber which looked like it was created after focus group research



    It looks as lame as when Hawkeye popped his bow open in the first Avengers. That said I think it could have looked better if they'd had her do a bigger flourish when opening it up to disguise it. 


    As someone who enjoyed TLJ I just hope JJ doesn't slide it up to 11 with the fan-service. 

  11. On 16/08/2019 at 15:21, HarryBizzle said:

    Anyone got a Wilfa Svart grinder? I’m thinking about getting one bit am just wondering about the noise. 


    Was so busy looking at those expensive hand grinders that I didn’t realise you could get a great electric one (so long as you don’t care about espresso grind) for less. 


    4 hours ago, Gaz said:


    @redbloodcel has just bought one - it didn't seem as loud as my gaggia burr grinder.


    Yeah it's really not bad in terms of volume, and it's also incredibly fast so what noise it does put out doesn't last very long! 

  12. 8 hours ago, Phelan said:

    Use The Vow if you got it in the Valentines Month. Draw is around 600 so much faster than other bows and has good impact. I'm smashing it with it.


    Stand back. Kill everything. Let your team mates collect all the motes while you provide cover.


    An Arsenic Bite with Archer's Tempo and Rampage would also be a good choice. 


    Bows aren't really in a great place though, hopefully they've looked at them alongside the buff for Scouts in Shadowkeep. 

  13. 2 minutes ago, feltmonkey said:

    This thing with Dybala's image rights is mad. This third party who own them is holding up his career. 


    I think it'd be less of an issue in other leagues, but there's not been anything from other European teams yet apart from a passing rumour of PSG taking interest. 

  14. On 06/08/2019 at 16:03, Garibaldi said:


    Nick Cage has been starring in so many films to placate the IRS (though to be fair he has had one or two ‘for me’ efforts. Perhaps this is one of those), that I’m starting to feel bad for the guy. Only starting, though. This was tax evasion after all. Let’s see how many more he’s got in him. 


    I believe he's finished paying them back now, so hopefully the ratio will be more in favour of weird interesting stuff in the future. 

  15. 2 minutes ago, meatbin said:

    I'm still quite baffled that we currently don't have a like for like backup for Kane. 


    I know Son and Moura can play there, but that's a different system, and if Kane gets injured again (likely) then it would be good to be able to play those two in  their usual positions.


    Seg and Le Celso are sound buys, as is Ndombele... Dybala would push us up another level. 


    Sounds like Troy Parrott is going to get some chances up top this season. If there's space in the 25 then Llorente is still free... 

  16. So folks, who do you will end up in a Spurs shirt by the end of today? Sounds like at least Sessegnon and Lo Celso will be, but will the pursuit of Dybala pay off? Will late entry Youcef Atal get over the finish line? Will Fernando Llorente be back for one more season? Will everything fall apart leaving nothing at all? 

  17. 23 minutes ago, Mr Ben said:

    I dont think its the kind of content most players would enjoy to be fair. Reddit is having a field day over the grindiness/repetitiveness of Solstice.


    I think they've overdone it again, as they have done for Mountaintop and Wendigo (and Loaded Question before with it's 40 Strikes :s) I suppose the idea is that you take your time and don't grind so hard, but they should be used to the fact that there's a hardcore base who will want to do that by now!


    They are looking at the first two , which is a positive sign, but they need to dial it down a little from the offset. The grind should be the quest for the best rolls, not actually getting the damn armour. 

  18. On 01/08/2019 at 23:35, Phelan said:

    So I bought Forsaken last year and just recently came back and went to do a Foundry only to find that it says I don't have the annual pass.


    Did I miss something I thought that Forsaken was a year ago or do I have to buy the pass again or wait for Shadowkeep? I'm fucking confused.


    What are you playing on? Sometimes it loses the licenses and you need to download them again. 

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