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  1. Benny

    Babylon 5

    Ooh you lucky bastard.
  2. 13. Star Wars: Squadrons I fucking love space battles, me. Watching the original Star Wars trilogy when I was a kid started an enduring love for the universe, for which I would hungrily devour any and all extensions of. Whether comics, novels, games or my own Lego approximations of my favourite starships (back in my day you had to build your own bloody Tie Fighters), in the late 80s to mid 90s it still felt like a setting rich with possibilities, just waiting to be discovered. Before the dark times… Before the Prequels. Putting the epic into th
  3. I regret not watching the last episode now. I know it's somewhere on the Netflix servers, waiting. Like an unflushed turd.
  4. I just started watching Coherence, as I saw it had good reviews and fancied some sci-fi, but so far it might as well be called Middle Class White People Freaking Out the Movie and I instantly hated all the characters EDIT: actually once they're all at each other's throats it's quite entertaining.
  5. Benny

    Xbox Game Pass

    But actually less than the UK at the moment probably.
  6. Benny


    Although, for large parts of it it does seem to completely forget that women exist.
  7. Benny


    Just finished Vinland Saga. Glad I gave it a go as it's very very good. It doesn't shy away from depicting the horrors of Viking raids and suchlike, without necessarily revelling or glorifying in the violence, even if the characters themselves sometimes do. Which is something I always felt the Vikings series seemed to threaten to devolve into at times. It can be difficult to identify with nearly all of the characters for most of it though, as they all commit acts of brutality on a regular basis, but it's always tempered with small moments here and there that reflect on
  8. It's the Babylon 5 effect. This week's was very sedate, in the way that they know they can be at this point as we're already here for the character drama.
  9. Compared to the first game it's tough as nails. I think the second difficulty up is about on the level of the second to hardest of the first game.
  10. 16. Doom Eternal 2016 Doom was something of a revelation. In an idea space that had been saturated with a Call of Duty cloning syndrome over the previous decade, the reboot arrived with a bang of riotously over the top action, gore and attitude. Living up to the previous game was always going to be difficult, and what many people expected was more of the same, but bigger, louder, and more confident than before. However, the design philosophy for the sequel has taken more of a circle strafe around, rather than blasting through, the elements that m
  11. There are many people who don't enjoy Sekiro, for obvious and understandable reasons, but it's by no means a shit game. It's been designed the way it has very carefully and deliberately. Absolutely nothing about it has been half arsed or not had a huge amount of work and care put into. But it's all in the service of a very very specific experience, which is admirable in of itself whatever the reaction to it. I could understand someone being frustrated with it if they paid good money and were not enjoying it, but I feel that is only understandable if people treat the game like a pro
  12. And yet it might well be the most confident game Miyazaki has yet made from a design perspective.
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