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  1. Lense flaaaaaare. (That was the PS/N64 era equivalent)
  2. Aspect of Hera can be utterly lethal. It's a boss destroyer. I'm currently on a win streak thanks to it. This game keeps delivering... Just had some new boss related dialogue that was legitimately the funniest thing in the game.
  3. Just had my fastest run so far. The build was just dodge ability and pure fist damage, and I only died once (minor spoilers for some post credit unlockables btw): I think I may be reaching the limit of how much the game can offer me now in terms of depth, but it took a journey of at least 80 glorious hours to get there. And there's still a lot left to do in terms of character interactions and story.
  4. I'm finally getting my fill of Hades, so I'll be right back on this this weekend to try for a higher score.
  5. As horrible as that probably was for him at the time, that's one legitimately hilarious From victim.
  6. Gears 5. Oh right you don't mean games I didn't want to review.
  7. This really shouldn't still be keeping me up at 3 in the morning even though I've "finished" it.
  8. I totally looked to see if they bought that domain.
  9. for $650 dollars vs $500. Sits between the 3070 and 3080 then for price/performance.
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