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  1. I can't think of a more inappropriate game to joylessly "game" than Animal Crossing.
  2. I feel along with voting we should all justify our pics for fun and science: 1990-1999: The Matrix The quintessential film of the 90s. A decade that started an era of big budget sci fi action movies was drawn to a close with some actually genius film making techniques that had never been tried before. It spawned a whole following decade of terrible fashion, questionable life choices, and pseudo philosophy. It created a zeitgeist all on its own and influenced film making, adverts and terrible hot takes on websites for another decade. And a few disappointing sequels. 2000-2009: The Lord of the Rings: Return of the King Tough to pick between this or the first film in the trilogy. The first film proved the unfilmable was filmable, and was a tour de force for sheer production design detail. But RotK was the barnstorming bookend that went from emotional strength to emotional strength, as an epic journey of tangible friendship came to a close. There were, if anything, too few endings. 2010-2019: Mad Max: Fury Road The ultimate thrill ride and so far beyond what nearly every other action director has been capable of last decade it actually hurts. In a decade dominated with superhero movies where action forms the template for most of their narrative drive, all are put to shame by a film that is literally driven forward in a cacophony of breathlessly propulsive character motivations. It throbs, it thunders, it punches you in the gut and dazzles the senses.
  3. So do those stats mean... Dredd is Rllmuk's film of the decade?!
  4. I do like superhero movies though. Just not the weaker ones.
  5. The kernel level DRM required to play this has completely put me off it.
  6. Conversely, when the box office is saturated with them it's nice to see one not being number one.
  7. Bots in PUBG ruins the fundamental essence of the entire experience. For a whole host of reasons. It's a broken game now. It's due a full writeup about it when I come to do the 2020 end of year awards/retrospective.
  8. Also, Deckard is definitely a replicant.
  9. Are you on PC? I can lend a hand if you fancy some co-op
  10. I binged all the films on Disney+ recently. My opinion on most was unchanged with a few exceptions: Grauniads 2 went up in my estimation, as did Ant Man (both films have a quite lovely exploration of dysfunctional family). Civil War and Endgame went down significantly. I think Infinity War still surprises just because of the audacity of its ending, but once you get into it Endgame doesn't have anything meaningful to really say about any of it and is just an expeditionary romp until we wave our goodbyes.
  11. While listening to the soundtrack I discovered that track is actually appropriately called Rising Up
  12. Weird question but are there more enemies in co-op? I've got half way in Mania doing co-op online but wasn't sure if it scaled for number of players.
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