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  1. It's not bad, but the problem is it begins a story that is never finished. And certain characters are notable by their absence.
  2. I think I can safely say on rewatch that the only TV movies essential to the series are The Gathering pilot, and In the Beginning after Season 4. Thirdspace is also worth watching during season 4 as a "bonus" episode in the middle. The rest best skipped.
  3. The other one is when Ivanova teaches an alien how humans do a sex.
  4. I'm assuming this is more of a story based thing than Slay the Spire style multiple runs for the sake of deckbuilding.
  5. The music was done by someone else for A Call to Arms and it's extremely jarring.
  6. Thank God that's over.
  7. It works in anime but... The scene in question is genuinely one of the most stupid things I've ever seen.
  8. Benny


    It does look like they've done their research - it really worked for something like the Avatar cartoon for example. (Toph's moves incidentally were inspired by Chow Gar)
  9. I tell you what though, thanks to that scene I now already know more about all those characters than most of the crew of Star Trek Discovery
  10. That scene where all the characters do the "naming of names" each with their own theme tune is excruciating.
  11. I've worked in retail companies where bonuses in the form of vouchers were exactly that.
  12. Benny


    Pak Mei looks a lot like Chow Gar Kung Fu - a very rooted Southern Chinese boxing style, so they've really got that brutal efficiency feeling in the animations down.
  13. Oh no, I'd forgotten how silly Legend of the Rangers is. That intro is like a parody or something.
  14. This railing against people clicking on a few MS Rewards things for a couple of minutes a day because of their "dignity" is bizarre. It basically pays minimum wage for those couple of minutes. So unless you're seriously saying people who earn minimum wage have no dignity, I don't see what the issue is.
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