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  1. Technically a Microcomputer.
  2. Watched The Art of Self-Defense earlier - surprised to not see it mentioned much anywhere as it was a darky comic treat. To be honest I mostly guessed where the film would be going in the second half, but it was an enjoyable ride getting there.
  3. Anyway it's crazy that discourse on the internet is
  4. You're basically just proving how ridiculous an issue it is to have with the show.
  5. And all this is over such a complete non issue: The Godfather, one of the most celebrated movies of all time, barely has the Godfather in it, if you were to take it literally. And unlike The Godfather, Masters of the Universe doesn't even have He-Man in the title
  6. I also find videos that are going: where did it all go horribly wrong, so transparently ridiculous. Nothing with the show "went wrong", but clearly for those viewers the marketing did.
  7. Ignoring the politics - there's a big difference between treating a show for what it is, and treating it based on what you want. They are very different things. The second one of those is not an indication of if a show is good or not. But sure, you might feel it's rubbish taken for what it is, that's fine.
  8. Well he's exactly correct in that tweet about the story of the show. As the story is literally about He-Man.
  9. I mean do we really want the show to be about this guy
  10. Essentially, all the wider internet discourse boils down to is: "How dare my expectations be subverted!" Which is both tragic and funny. Except for the actual sexism, that's just tragic.
  11. Also, to add about that image: it tells me the story is going to be about He-Man. And guess what:
  12. It's almost like the marketing and writing duties are two separate jobs. It's difficult to make a subversion a surprise when you end up just having so many people complaining about it unless you literally tell them explicitly what they are getting. It only encourages even more insipid does-exactly-what-it-said-on-the-tin borefests. This show has actually gone up in my estimation already because of the number of people who are unable to process something that's a bit different to what they wanted in their head. Like The Last Jedi, it's not even that great or that well written, but thank God someone at least tried something else for once.
  13. Heaven forfend a franchise try to break out of its own narrowly defined "rules".
  14. I'm not the one swearing at someone for "minor opinion on a 80s cartoon on a bloody video game forum", but fine, I won't be engaging with it any more.
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