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  1. I'm literally champing at the bit to watch this while the last few work hours slowly tick away agonisingly.
  2. So far I'm considering ranking Halo Infinite as my game of the year, and the campaign isn't even out yet. So I guess what I'm saying is the campaign could be irredeemable garbage and it wouldn't affect my decision much when the Rllmuk yearly awards come around. (No I'm not doing them)
  3. Everyone loves it, until you take an arrow to the knee...
  4. Benny

    Squid Game

    Also, hopefully articles didn't hail it as being massively original, as that would require a complete ignorance of literally decades of anime and manga and live action TV and film in the lethal game genre.
  5. Benny

    Squid Game

    Overall I can see why people liked this, though baffling how it became so popular considering the content and the genre. I didn't really feel particularly emotionally invested, as it's too obviously signposted what will happen throughout and how it's trying to manipulate its audience. And the violence, gore and banal evil just kind of left me numb to it all after a while. I also think in the end it was pretty shallow and metaphorical things I was reading into it didn't really go anywhere.
  6. Benny

    Squid Game

    I don't know how the hell this only got a 15 rating.
  7. Much of the dialogue and performances were great, but it's not those things that were an issue for me personally. It's more tonal and structural things.
  8. Benny

    Squid Game

    And now I get to watch this meme played out for five hours already knowing the outcome: Edit
  9. Benny

    Squid Game

    So like the rest of the planet I thought I'd see what the the fuss was about and have watched an episode...
  10. It's in the top 20 most played games on Steam right now, and that's during a quiet period. It was in the top 5 not long ago. So it's a bit more than just "some writers and their friends"
  11. The most impressive aspect is just the sheer tactility of everything. Lots of attention to detail in subtle things like the movement of cloth and how clothing warps with movement etc, and thing like fluid dynamics and the messiness of food. And then there's action scenes where there's a real eye for how to show kinetic energy and the impact weight of physical objects. And of course the standout element is the huge range of facial expressions realised in most characters that goes a bit beyond what you usually expect in animated characters, even from someone like Pixar. Regardless of what I think of the writing, I really can't fault the animation talent.
  12. Having watched the whole series now I do think it is quite impressive. The tonal shifts kind of settle down after a while and it comes together pretty well overall. I think the story in the first three episodes was the most interesting part though and it followed much more likable characters. It eventually started to collapse under its own weight later on.
  13. Was that Mira Furlan?! And now I'm sad.
  14. It's kind of getting worse as it's going on now for me.
  15. That's always been my impression about the intention of that as well.
  16. I think I might have been a bit harsh on it initially: the third episode is really well done. Quite impactful! I still think it's a bit too weirdly edgy though. It's still taking itself so unbelievably seriously, like just about all videogame things with delusions of grandeur seem to end up doing. While still having ridiculous furry professor people.
  17. And ironically, unlike Sekiro, you can turn down the difficulty significantly.
  18. If people get tired of me posting these let me know, but here's a few more ridiculous Halo nonsense clips:
  19. Like on the one hand you have a street scene with trouserless men chasing prostitutes into a brothel and people drinking and pissing in the street, and then you have a ridiculous little furry professor creature called Heimerdinger. It's all over the place. Like a sort of child's eye view of what a "grown up" world means or is supposed to look like but with cute animals too.
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