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  1. It's nice seeing an increase in the visual quality while still keeping the same style for season 7.
  2. With this Bad Batch lot, who needs Jedi
  3. Season six spoilers It's a good thing season 7 now exists or I'd have been quite disappointed in all the dangling plot threads and arcs left unfulfilled. Starting season 7 and now I'm hoping it'll be shown
  4. Okay the end of Clone Wars season 5 is actually amazing.
  5. I love that weapon. If you manage to get Artemis boons on it...
  6. The space battles in this series are really well done and exciting. For one simple reason: they actually keep the "camera" steady so you can follow what the fuck is going on.
  7. I've been thinking throughout the show that it's a shame that Clone Wars Yoda is more like Prequels Yoda than proper Yoda. But then there's a bit in this Season 5 Younglings (*shudder*) arc where
  8. The fifth season of Clone Wars feels like a real step up so far. The Onderon arc is great.
  9. I would also add this recommended pair, as it was an important Clone milestone story wise: Grievous Arc: S02E09 - Grievous Intrigue S02E10 - The Deserter
  10. Did it become the victim of an unfortunate case of mistaken utility?
  11. I'll raise you: "that's beautiful, what is that?" In response to 3 notes on an instrument.
  12. Mandalore seems to come across best in most of it.
  13. If only we could go back to the days of the Jaguar being objectively shit. Something they could all rally round and meme to death.
  14. Geordie's alright to be honest. Apart from the creepy holodeck stuff.
  15. When Wiper does his hostile takeover, God help us all.
  16. Just goes to show if you make something actually good people will watch it.
  17. I had to laugh when Rex I think it was was helping the Jedi free some people from a slave planet, and he gets basically no voice lines for the whole episodes. Every time I saw the camera on his face I kept thinking "Hey man, do these slavers having dominion over whole races remind you of anything? Anything?!" Kept waiting for a revelation that never came.
  18. The cut off is usually the voting deadline. Unless @Jolly disagrees?
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