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  1. Given Returnal is apparently coming to Steam soon that's one less possible game on the three minimum for a new console rule for me. Just need to get Demons Souls... I actually broke my rule with the Xbox 1 X and it's the only one I somewhat regret purchasing.
  2. I haven't played Bioshock since release so might have to have a look at it again at some point. Never played the sequel either. Infinite sucked big donkey balls.
  3. 🕹 High Score Day #61 - https://highscoreday.com
  4. When my arm isn't in a cast and I can type properly again. So it'll be in a few weeks.
  5. The thing with Elden Ring and all other Souls games is that it works in context, because you're creeping through a shattered, apocalyptic world, where deadly creatures are all that's left. It's heavily inspired by things like Berserk and stuff like that so it feels more ethereal. Also, I find generally the sword and board combat of Souls games actually seems remarkably fair from a killing perspective, because you know the enemies can kill you just as easily as you can kill them.
  6. I got to 30mins there last night too. I dunno... I didn't feel quite the same as in Slay the Spire But it was fun though.
  7. As a counterpoint though: if there is a game out there that is actively going out of its way to show the true horror of killing and doing its damnedest to remind players how horrible the things they are doing are, then I can't say I disagree with the attempt. There's so precious little self reflection in gaming as it is already that at least there's some attempts being made. Only I don't really credit Naughty Dog with having writing talent even in the same universe as the Disco Elysium ones though for example.
  8. Much as I enjoyed the first Last of Us, I have very little desire to play the sequel with the realism and horror of what you're doing to other human beings being so obviously heightened. I get that that is probably the whole point, but there is an element of the fact if it's still making a game out of it then it's trying to have its cake and eat it too. I suspect all the "weapons" are still designed to be tactile and provide positive feedback to use. And if it's supposed to be a commentary on violence, then well done, you've made the player feel sick I guess? It's not really possible for me to comment not having played it though, but unfortunately its very nature means I'm unlikely to desire to anyway.
  9. Bloodborne remaster/patch or get the fuck out.
  10. A lot of it I think comes down to realism and intent: Doom Eternal wants you to feel good and empowered about being a literal avenging angel sent to rip and tear away all the pure evil in the world and send it back to Hell, but military shooters want you to feel good and empowered about shooting your friends with realistic depictions of firearms sold by and sometimes sponsored by real arms manufacturers that are used to kill actual people in real life.
  11. I definitely need this game in my life.
  12. I think we had a Game of the Year thread once where a large number of the games were refreshingly non violent. I can't remember which year it was. Maybe 2019 or 2020? I find these days I have absolutely no interest in military themed shooters where you kill random humans, and I'd rather play a game like Doom where you are fighting literal demons. I guess Huntdown is an exception as there is lots of human killing, but that's so steeped in 80s genre trappings it's practically performance art.
  13. TOS S1E18 "Arena" A wild Gorn appears! What more can be said about this episode that hasn't already. A masterclass in action choreography, a desperate struggle that puts Predator to shame. A true high bar that few could ever hope to match.
  14. Who signed off on making a series about The Most Boring Man in Star Wars (tm)?
  15. I ignored this up to now as I thought it looked a little ropey... I just played it for six hours. Wtf. I don't think I'll play much more though, it felt like I'd seen a large part of what it had to offer in that time. The build options didn't really seem that extensive or transformative. I think it needs something more somewhere... It is great value though. And I can actually play it as it only requires one hand.
  16. 🕹 High Score Day #60 - https://highscoreday.com No idea on that last one.
  17. Benny

    Apple TV +

    Way ahead of you on that one. Loved it.
  18. Benny

    Apple TV +

    I'm in a bit of a sci-fi mood so I'll give it the 3 episode test anyway.
  19. Benny

    Apple TV +

    Ew, that sounds iffy. I see it's multiple seasons now as well.
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