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  1. Must. Wait. For. Physical.
  2. I'm going to have to wait for the physical copy of the Prime remaster. I sold my original GameCube copy back in the day to fund other games and it's one of my biggest regrets.
  3. Can you still subtly see Samus' own face reflected back at you within the visor sometimes? That was one of the coolest effects in the original.
  4. That is actually quite a striking upgrade considering.
  5. Don't look at the Jeff Gerstman Twitch stream unless you want to see someone completely uninterested in a sequel to one of the best games ever made describing what they've made as "new content with an old engine".
  6. Guess I'll have to dust off my Switch earlier than expected.
  7. Nintendo were clearly very disrespectful with the title reveal when the Queen died so they don't want to push their luck.
  8. I've actually turned off the stream as I suspect it's Zelda now. I'm guessing it looks good.
  9. I'm already living my best fantasy life thanks
  10. This is fine, I don't need to see any more than that it's not been delayed.
  11. It's not a legendary shadow drop if I have to pay for it now.
  12. Considering Prime Trilogy I wonder how they'll do the controls. EDIT: Hmm.
  13. Finally I can play GBA games without squinting.
  14. They are going to delay Zelda and the tears (of the kingdom) will be immense
  15. April - June is going to be an expensive time
  16. These Dungeon Master style games always leave me a bit cold.
  17. Sea of Stars is already on the Steam Wishlist
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