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  1. 9 minutes ago, Darwock said:

    As I’d been doing the world tour on controller/modern I decided to also do avatar battles with that set-up and reserve the classic controls for proper fighting.


    So I went for the 20 avatar fights/20 avatar wins trophies. First impression - holy shit everyone is already level 60+ after 2 days! I put myself as available and that just invited people with triple stacked health bars knocking me out in two or three hits. Clearly not going to work. So I started looking for people wearing the training gear and pink cap, some of whom were much lower level than me at 17 (check out the massive hypocrite). Had to bounce around between lots of servers to even find places where people were waiting.


    Anyway a fair few of those default gear people still absolutely schooled me, to the point that I suspect it was a trap to lure in noobs. However I got 20 wins done in the space of 30 fights, and now I will never touch avatar battles again. Using cut-down move sets with odd execution problems (is there a cool down on the specials, I couldn’t repeat them with modern controls even with drive gauge remaining) and unbalanced opponents is not really very appealing.


    I did a few avatar battles to get the Drive Tickets but it's the least fun thing I've done in the game so far.

  2. Someone mentioned this in the Street Fighter 6 thread, but the last few weeks feels like a proper bit of gaming nirvana, with some absolute classics just depositing themselves into the release calendar all at once. It's been hard to keep up what with the already ballooning backlog because they're so good.


    The sun is out but all I want to do is play Street Fighter 6.


    What's on your slate? (Not just the poll items)

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