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  1. Just now, pulsemyne said:

    There's only so much AI upscaling can do if the original content is very low res.  It needs more information for better results.


    It would be better off just not doing the upscaling in the first place, or giving the option of turning it off then.

  2. 45 minutes ago, Garibaldi said:

    Some great points, once again. The way Mike says he would like lightsabers to be portrayed, as hinted at in Empire, is how some EU novels have also handled them to good effect. You have a connection to the force and they’re light and feel natural, if you don’t then it’s the equivalent of someone who’s out of shape wielding a claymore. 


    They actually resurrected this idea in the new canon already in The Book of Bob-a-Job:



    In the first Mando focused episode he finds the Darksaber heavy because it has to bond with its wielder. Though in this case they could just be keeping it as a Darksaber thing.


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