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  1. DS9 S4E3 "The Visitor"


    I really like this episode.


    It works as a mediation on loss and grief, but beyond that it explicitly explores the bond between Ben and Jake, which itself is an interesting dynamic even within Star Trek - the captains are all fearless leaders and diplomats, but Ben is also, for a lot of screen time, a father.


    Some dodgy aging makeup aside (though doddery old fool version of Bashir is pretty funny), it's also a much more satisfying "what if" kind of scenario than you get in many of the time bending Trek cannon, and especially moreso than "mirror universe" shite. It's just a really engaging story, well told and acted.


    I think Avery Brooks has also grown on me so much since I first got into DS9. I always used to think he hammed it up a bit, but his final line to Jake in this episode, quivering with emotion, was really affecting. And caught me off guard a bit.


    Just a bit of grit in my eye...

  2. 1 hour ago, feltmonkey said:

    Something that occurred to me earlier but I didn't mention it is that the level of automation @Benny seems to be using in compiling the votes might open the door for including the same game multiple times in a list.  An algorythm is probably not going to notice that I put Deus Ex at numbers 2, 7, 12, and 19 for example.  Did anyone else cheat like this?


    I'm sure that would work if it didn't ignore duplicate names in every batch of 20.

  3. 11 minutes ago, thesnwmn said:


    I think off the back of this it would be really interesting to look at:

    • The winners losers from yearly votes which make it into the overall top 100.
      Where do the winners not make it but lower positions do? Are the winners sometimes a flash in the pan that later reflection cools.
    • How the all time lists of the forum have shifted over time.
      I think, from searching a few weeks back when this was posted, we've done this exercise 3 times before? 2017, 2015 and 2006/7? Something like that. Where have games climbed the list? How many true new entries are there? And does change mean anything or just a reflection of current mood/sentiment of the evolving set of members here (As if! We're the same set of sad bastards as always. New blood isn't a thing).


    Just like last time, I will include previous top 100 position to show change. Though I will base it on where it would sit in the previous scoring method for comparison.


    General note: if entries share scores, the original ranking method score will be the tie breaker (list ranking tilt). If that matches, I will use Metacritic score as next tie break, or my own discretion.

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