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  1. Holy shit what a way to open the second part.


    The real star of the show has often been the music and Foley artistry, and this week was a high bar. Just mesmerising soundscapes.


    The show has taken on a palpably melancholic edge now. We've left the humour and levity well and truly behind now I suspect.



    Lalo's spectre will still loom large. A macabre grinning death mask hanging over the remaining story.


    Also it seems judging by some thread discussion that some people are attempting to discuss some future information about the show that everyone else might have thus far managed to avoid. Naff off with that shit, it's pointless and just ruins it for everyone.


    But given some people can't help themselves apparently "oh but you see it's all over the internet so it's my duty to tell you!" I'm ignoring the thread until Tuesday.

  2. To elaborate on that:


    It's fast, it's fluid, it's CHUNKY.


    It has that 90s shooter way in which enemies have distinctive little sounds, and the way gibs splatter.


    You can charge up your magnum and fire it with a lock on and it sounds like fireworks going off before you blow on the barrel. You can chainsaw enemies while riding around like Tony Hawk.


    There is a demo on Steam. Try it!

  3. 3 hours ago, Graham S said:

    Ooh, I’ve got a quote. *

    No one can hear you scream… in space.





    *If this outrage by the official acccount is what we’re already joking about, then I apologise. 



    That poop, fasten it.

  4. So I played a bit of that Selaco demo this evening.


    If anything it's much closer to an early 2000s shooter. After the original Half Life, every FPS started trying to ape it in the ensuing years, and Selaco is doing similar things: starting out having to run away from enemies until you get a gun in a short sequence, bits of environment blowing up around you in scripted set pieces, marine type enemies that do a lot of damage and try to flank you.


    I played on the middle difficulty and you definitely can't play it like a run and gun. You have to take cover and pick your moments like you would in a more modern shooter and let your health recharge or you get ripped to shreds. I think even in Half Life you could run and gun a bit more sometimes.


    It's got the aesthetic and nods to the past but functionally it's a lot more sedate than you expect it will be.


    The whole having to run or creep around bit before you find a gun thing is also a really tired idea these days I find, as when you're playing an FPS it just feels like you're being forced to kill time before you can have fun.


    Even Duke Nukem 3D understood how to start this kind of thing: "those aliens are gonna pay for shooting up my ride". Pulls out gun. Boom. Done.


    However the intention of the game makes sense when you consider it's probably drawing more inspiration from post Half Life shooters and some of the immersive sim genre.


  5. I do wonder if sometimes it's a product of younger developers looking back where their design frame of reference is FEAR or Black or things like that, but where there's a confusion with that kind of game versus how weird and different and rapidly changing both game design and graphics engines were from the mid 90s to the early 2000s.


    I mean look at Future Shock/ Skynet for example.

  6. That Selaco game does look impressive though. Lots of lovely environment destruction which is sorely, sorely missing from so many modern shooters.

  7. It also extends to how these games' design philosophies worked.


    Notice in that Selaco game it's making references to The Terminator and stuff like that, but when the character first gets a new gun there are then a few more beats, then another area, then allows some more combat. So then they can use the weapon in this new arena. That feels like any recent game design really.


    In Prodeus when you get



    The Chaingun



    It immediately drops you into an arena where you can start mowing down zombie soldiers. It gives you the toy, and then says PLAY. That's the classic Boomer Shooter mindset.



    So any of these games might have the references and vibe etc all there, but the actual "spirit" of how those old shooters worked is a very specific thing, and is often the part they miss.

  8. One of the things I have noticed though about a lot of the modern takes on the "Boomer Shooter" is that, like that Selaco game looks like above, is many of them just play like either modern FPSs or FPSs from the early 2000s rather than a genuine throwback, but with the 2D pixelated visuals and low framerate gun animations. Like that Selaco game looks the part but has dedicated hiding behind cover, weapon upgrading, Half Life style immersive story etc. That's why I'd say that's looking back but more to a later era than the DOS era.


    Prodeus and Ultrakill though, they are definitely from the classic Doom and Quake school respectively.

  9. Two of the best examples I have played in recent times:







    The "Doom Clone" taken to the ultimate end point, in the sense that it adds a full stop, underlines it, and punches the typist to death.








    It's like they looked at Doom Eternal and were like, oh yeah cool, but erm, more. And more 90s. And more Devil May Cry. That'll do.

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