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  1. My issue isn't so much that it looks "worse" from a technical perspective (though those early shots definitely looked like they'd messed up the texture detail), but simply that the art direction has changed. So if I want to replay it I would choose to stick with the PS4 version for that reason, even if price was no object. It's "worse" if you care about such things.

  2. The standard of criticism is so lacking in these things on YouTube/Reddit sometimes. They will talk about how it's about "gambling" and "struggling against all odds etc". But a lot of commentary I've seen misses that the show is also about



    The class struggle. And how collective action will eventually triumph against self interest. It's got so many layers to its writing, and goes far far beyond gambling and really taps into aspects of the human condition


  3. 7 minutes ago, revlob said:

    It's great at ratcheting up the tension, isn't it?


    Is there more than two seasons? I thought there was an arc about majong where I lost interest because it got very "inside baseball", and without knowing how to play the game I struggled to understand the stakes. I know the author had another series that was specifically about mahjong though, so maybe I'm confusing things.


    But yeah, Kaiji is great and people should watch it. There's a live action film too, I think...


    There are only two seasons. You're probably thinking of Akagi by the same writer and studio. I actually discovered this because I loved Akagi. I know Mahjong quite well so I got quite a lot out of that series, but it's likely to be quite impenetrable to newcomers.

  4. I saw a YouTuber say this about the second arc of the second season:



    They were criticizing the anime's general pacing, and said when they realised the Pachinko machine was going to take up the whole of the rest of the season their "stomach dropped". Clearly they were watching Kaiji wrong. When you realise that it's doing that it just makes it even more amazing and puts even more tension riding on the outcome.


  5. Right. Finished Kaiji.


    I think it might be one of my favourite series ever. Definitely the most satisfying. It's immense. By the end I was punching the air.


    It's one of the most hopeful and life affirming anime's ever. You have to stick with it, but boy is it worth it.

  6. Something else I noticed:



    I think when Jimmy says "I know that was hard" after the wake, I think at that point after what happens later you realise Kim was actually afraid that it had been so easy.


    Even in the scene itself her and Jimmy are basically riffing off each other as usual. As Kim said... Poison together.


  7. The riches never cease.



    There I was thinking the only way Kim and Jimmy can end their love story is self destruction or prison, but it turns out Kim is too smart to ultimately allow that to happen. Them breaking up is after all the simplest end to their story... However, that clearly isn't the end of their love story. Too much is still hanging by the end of that episode. But what a riveting scene. I don't like it when mummy and daddy fight.


    When Kim lied to Howard's wife... Utterly brutal what she said, and she knew it. I think that was the straw that broke the camel's back. Jimmy just sees this as another obstacle to them, but he's going down a different path now.


    Gus having a tiny moment of happiness, before his own personal demons seem to take him over, as you see his face harden, knowing this life is not for him.


    Mike going to see Nacho's dad, saying "he wasn't like them, he was a good person", which sounded more like trying to reassure himself that he's "not like them" more than anything. Only for Vargas's dad to end up reminding him exactly what he is.


    Gus cannot have a normal life. Neither can Mike. Neither can Jimmy. They are all in The Game.


    And Kim, as she said, was having too much fun, but now she's decided to stop playing it. Maybe she's escaped, but we know The Game always catches up to you eventually. Maybe in the form of a later Jimmy. But maybe, like Jessie, she might have made it out in time.


  8. Spoilers for Larry:



    That cut to Alec Guinness giving Luke a side-eye after saying he was glad he never had kids, perfect :lol:


    Also Reva kicking whatsisname in the gonads makes more narrative sense than what happens in the actual show.


  9. Oh oh oh and also:



    Think back to when they are on top of that car park having maybe their first real big argument. It looks like Kim is going to say something back to Jimmy and end their relationship then and there as he's being an asshole. But instead she says "we could get married?" It's a massive curveball, because we instantly discover it's not so much that she's thinking that their relationship is the problem, but because they are likely to have legal issues with their professional lives. For Kim the relationship itself is questioned less than what can they do differently to make it work with their separate lives so that they can stay together.


    Again, incredible love story, ultimately. And it's why I don't buy any of the theories that Kim is "playing" Jimmy or that she doesn't love him.


  10. But also note that:



    Kim protests at being made to go by Jimmy, which she could be resentful of, but when Kim explains why Jimmy sent her she says it was because he was trying to protect her. So she may have been upset at that moment about the thought of losing Jimmy, rather than thinking he was being selfish asking her to kill someone. In Jimmy's mind, he would have thought it was the only logical option to save Kim, he would not be thinking about it in terms of it meaning asking her to kill someone. And I think for Kim the idea of killing someone may also have been secondary in her mind to being more worried what will happen to Jimmy if he stays.


    I think honestly at this point Kim and Jimmy's relationship is one of the most complex and well written love stories on television.


    For both their characters now I think the only way it can end is if Kim ends up in prison, as that's the only way to square how he is in Breaking Bad. I think in Breaking Bad Jimmy is filling time until she gets out. Either that or something terrible does happen to Kim and Jimmy somehow gets over it, but these two are proper Thelma and Louise at this point.


  11. Something fantastic with regards to characters and actor performances in this episode I was thinking about the other day as well:



    When Jimmy and Kim say "it never happened". The way they both say those words is entirely different and says very different things about them both. You get the impression that Jimmy says the words in a way where he knows he has to say it never happened, maybe even to convince himself more than anything, and because it's necessary to act like he believes it. With Kim, you get the impression she really can choose lock it away and warp her actual reality around the idea that it didn't happen.


    The conviction with which she says it is actually quite chilling. If either because she's so traumatised it's the only way to cope without actually dealing with it, or because she's capable of steeling herself from it that quickly, in the same way she's been leapfrogging in her ability to take part in the things Jimmy is good at since she started "breaking bad", in leaps and bound faster than he ever did.


    The fact it's still ambiguous what her demeanour actually means in that moment though is just incredible.


  12. The whole arc of the first half dozen episodes of season 2 is truly epic. Just an incredible journey. Anyone who hasn't seen Kaiji yet, fucking get in. You won't be disappointed.

  13. I'm into the second season of Kaiji now. I think it might be even better than the first one. Some genuinely brilliant stuff in it.

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