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  1. I think the quality actually dips a bit in act II. The frustrating bits to power fantasy ratio skews to the former a bit much for my taste.



    And by the time the rocket launcher is introduced it feels a little tricky to fit it into your weapon rotation as it arrives so late. I'm not a big fan of it either: harmless splash damage kind of takes a bit of the joy out of that kind of classic "rocket cannon" gun, but I assume it's been done like that so as not to make the Core eject redundant.


    But still, looking forward to the final act. No chance in hell I'm spending time trying to get P ranks though, even on normal difficulty too many encounters later on felt a bit grindy.

  2. I couldn't wait. It's still great! Thank God.


    It's also good that it's started off the new season in the character driven Trek mode rather than gag a minute style that it was shaking off in season 2.


    Also in S3E2:



    The Klingon boardgame :lol:


  3. I enjoyed this episode more than the first two: it's definitely found its groove. And most importantly: it's actually doing the "Lawyer show!" that they jokingly promised and was a bit rich to not quite deliver on yet in the first two episodes.


    It's going for the toxic man stuff dead on, and why not. It's probably an acquired taste to be this on the nose, but when real life is basically predicted by the show, because the real life reactions are even worse than even what they can come up with, it practically writes itself.


    As for the CG: it's shite. But I don't really see much point in getting too hung up on it, as it is what it is, and the need to suspend viewer disbelief here doesn't really feel anywhere near as important as in a big cinema release. They could just do the whole show with Thunderbirds puppets and it would probably work for what it does.


    Anyway, reasonably whelmed by it now.


    But I have no fucking idea who



    Megan Thee Stallion is, and nor do I care, and so that entire joke fell flat whenever it came up. And then kept coming up. And then continued coming up in a post credits sequence that left me feeling as baffled and old as the old white lawyer guy was.


  4. You can tell how good this game is because when Apogee were thinking about making a new FPS, they basically looked at this, realised they could never make something as badass, so just went, "fuck it", and filled it with similar gameplay and called it Turbo Overkill.

  5. 16 hours ago, Stigweard said:

    Paddington 2 (2017)






    Coincidentally I watched this again last night. It's delightful.


    I think the first one is a very good and entertaining film, but the sequel knocks it out of the park.


    There's is something slightly strange about the first film where Nicole Kidman doesn't feel like she's really existing in the same film as most of the rest of the cast, until the end, but the shots cutting from her to the Browns and not showing them together kind of compounds that odd feeling. 


    No such issue with Hugh Grant though, he steals the show and is all up in everyone's business.

  6. 6 minutes ago, K said:

    It’s a door. 


    And this is enormously reductive.


    It's a whole host of animation and camera work going into something quite complex, in terms of both motion and feel, so clearly there is going to be a big difference between the original work and the new one in many many aspects, which is what I think can invite discussion.


    If you really just want to boil it down to that, then you're doing a disservice to the actual dev work that has gone into it as well.


    I would really like people to be able to treat game criticism on the same level as film criticism, but by making a statement like that you're basically saying they don't deserve it, which is nonsense.

  7. And that's the kind of discussion I think is worth having: being a remake/remaster, it does invite such comparison just as much as people might discuss the Star Wars special editions or something, seeing as it's such a beloved property.


    It's partly why K's post above has genuinely disappointed me, as it's the kind of piss taking that people have used on here or in discourse on games pretty much across the web in general, just as such comparisons or discussions have got started on something, that only serve to stifle it or discourage people from caring "too" much.


    I don't like it, as I want to actually have those discussions. Not just see how much everyone paid for the pre-order. We don't take the piss out of that, so why do it when it's actually about the art itself.

  8. 16 minutes ago, PaB said:

    If the context is that door opening scene tweet then I think ripping the piss is the the only sensible response . 


    I don't quite understand why. There is a demonstrable difference in the impact of the movements in that scene. From just a film making perspective, both scenes would convey a different feeling in terms of their visual feedback, so I understand why it would be something someone might notice and comment on.


    But if ripping the piss at deconstructing these kinds of artistic differences in something is genuinely the response that's expected in here, then I'll leave the discussion above, as clearly there's very little of substance to be gained in trying to discuss it with anyone in the way I enjoy here.

  9. 37 minutes ago, K said:

    That door opening was my favourite bit in the original game. It was iconic. Changing it is like removing the village siege or the shopkeeper from Resident Evil 4.


    Why isn’t this on the front page of every game website in the world? It’s like they’re deliberately trying to ruin their own game. 


    I know you're making a little joke here, but the fact of the matter is that all of those little moments that make up a games design all have a subtle feedback effect on the experience the player gets out of something.


    When you take a scene like say, the standoff in The Good the Bad and the Ugly, every single twitch and look in the eyes from Clint Eastwood et al add up to an incredibly tense overall feeling. Take away a single twitch and it doesn't have the same impact.


    Now, if you want to argue that it's not as important in a game to have those small moments, then that actually does a disservice to the kind of experience that the creators of The Last of Us would have us believe they care about creating, because it's very much an interactive film experience they wanted to make players feel.


    So in that sense, every single little part matters, just as much as Clint Eastwood's eyebrows or whatever. And I would argue the people who do care about this stuff really care because they care about how meaningful those small things are and can be, and they expect better, and to be wowed in the same ways again.


    So sure, make little jokes at those people for caring about something so small, or I dunno, don't be another one of those people who just rips the piss and moves on when it could be an interesting discussion?

  10. It reminds me of when they took out all of the varied environment destruction from the Gears of War games. Sure it looked nicer and cleaner visually, but it never actually felt as good to play in the latter games, and a large part of that was these small elements, the things that come together to make up the gestalt experience.


    Film remasters are actually very different, as most of the time the intention is to clean up and get the picture as close to the original film stock as possible, not to change the original work.


    I think considering what they've done with this I would hesitate to ever recommend it to anyone who's never played it to experience first time, as I would want their experience to be demonstrably similar and capture the same feelings to the one I enjoyed.


    Accessibly options aside of course, but for my thoughts on that see above.

  11. 21 minutes ago, Festoon said:



    Basically, of you're asking for £60-70 again, then these small downgrades do in fact matter. You should be expecting this "feel" to still be in the game, as well as whatever other tweaks or improvements they have added.


    I also agree with the point brought up there, that it's all very well talking up accessibility options, but if those options are only available on a more expensive game, which is only available on a console that barely anyone can actually find, for a price that has recently gone up, then exactly how accessible is that to reach a wide audience of gamers of varied abilities and income?


    I genuinely hate the AAA game industry now I think. I'll be supporting Indies over anything else.

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