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  1. Spoiler

    I'm liking fantasy Venice. Probably just as expensive.


    I did feel Galadriel was a bit on the nose with the sense of import when saying where they were. A bit like a trailer line or something. Took me out of the show a bit, I mean yeah I get how important Numenor is, but we knew that, and they know that, so you don't have to draw more attention to it because the visuals speak for themselves.


  2. Wow that opening sequence in the second episode with what I'm going to assume is a



    Wizard. Well, or whatever they're called. Ainur? I forget. Anyway, it gave me goosebumps. The terror on both of their faces and the power being manipulated in the crater was a really impressive and emotional sequence.


  3. I just started watching this, despite myself.



    Wasn't really feeling it with the prescription "badass" bit with Galadriel and the Snow Troll, but as soon as I saw the filthy, grizzled old hunters grouching up the landscape in their furs and giant moose antler backpacks I was sold :lol:


  4. 32 minutes ago, ThePinkNinja said:


    Yeah that's her main source of healing. Whenever you hit an enemy (shields don't count) you trigger an aoe heal. Same applies if you use her boop ability and hit someone.


    edit: not sure if this is OW1 or OW2 but if you look at her inspire ability here (https://liquipedia.net/overwatch/Brigitte) you get an idea for how much heal she does.


    I think the shield bash does actually trigger AOE heal now.

  5. 1 hour ago, carlospie said:

    You play a good game, nice and conservative and heal when needed.


    The issue you may find later and if you like comp is that mercy, Lucio and ana provide so much more than her. Without her stun, she's just a very average hero.


    Mercy is boring but in my last game I ressed ten times, which can be the difference between a win and a loss. I'm not sure Brigette can ever contribute anything to justify her over that. 


    But at the end of the day it's all just good fun so be who you want.


    I'm seeing many genjis in comp, all but one have been pure shit. His skill ceiling is so high. 


    Yeah I don't bother with comp because I'm just there to do well but also have fun in the process. And my other support main is Zen so I'm not getting any of the others out anyway :hat:

  6. That was decent, though 



    I always find Holodeck episodes can feel a bit slight in Star Trek, and this was no exception. But all the character stuff was great. And the guest star bit was surprisingly emotional. Good stuff.


  7. For those good at Overwatch (and maybe Brigitte stans), can you tell me if I'm actually playing okay here? Ignore that the opposing team appears to just be throwing the match.



    Brig still feels powerful sometimes, but I can never tell if the hero is decent, I'm playing them well, one of our team is carrying us, or if the other team is just full of Hanzo mains.


    I held back much more than I'm used to with Brig as that seems the only effective way to play her at the moment.

  8. 7 hours ago, Kayin Amoh said:

    That's a pretty shitty update.


    Also, Brigitte seems near useless right now. Can't stun, has to be in a packed group to do AOE healing (assuming the enemy's within melee range) and she's insanely squishy. A half decent Reaper or other DPS will cut her clean in half, even Roadhog can one shot her with his hook and a single blast.


    I mean, I role queue as every class so that means I'm always support. Kiriko looks good, but I need practice, and Mercy's always great, but I like the idea of Brigitte as having a strong central core for the team - it just rarely works that way.


    I've had some good games with Brigitte. I think it depends a lot now on map and team comp though. I found I had to play her a bit differently and poke more, which is actually useful with her now because her boop poke activates her AOE heal, so you're just not as able to wade in with the shield stun bash as you used to and have to play it safe behind a Rein or slower tank.

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