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  1. I never thought I'd say something like this, but I really wish that was 45 minutes long instead of 30. The dialogue is just too fast and I'm old.



    And more seriously, it means scenes have no time to breathe. I've barely taken in that she's fired before family stuff then hired again and bam bam bam, I don't have the attention span of a gnat so please stop for just a minute!


    I thought the after credits bit was really weird too: it seems a big theme of this episode was "they only hired me for my assets", so when the end credits are of her family taking advantage of that as well in a kind of demeaning way where it's played for laughs it's just so tonally strange. I don't really get what the show is trying to say when it seems to be flinging stuff out there and rolling with it.


    Basically, what is the "heart" of the show? Hopefully it will be more apparent once it gets going.


    Tim Roth was delightful.


  2. 46 minutes ago, Wiper said:

    Now I know how my English Lit graduate friends feel when I grumble about Shakespeare being a hack because of how he ripped off e.g. Chaereas and Callirhoe when writing Romeo and Juliet.


    (Zelazny's great, I wonder if Gaiman's ever openly talked about him as an inspiration?)


    Re: the actual subject of this topic, I am actually looking forward to this series, fanfiction vibes or no. At least it's unlikely to be as ruinous as the Hobbit adaptation — and at least as pure fanfiction, if it is rubbish it won't taint any of the original books in my memory. You can't imagine how much I don't want Martin Freeman in my mind's eye as I read the Hobbit :(


    Ian Holm has been any Baggins in my mind's eye since the BBC Radio 4 adaptation.

  3. Sure, it could have been better, but we only have the finished show as it exists now to reference. Having material to adapt made for a much more internally consistent narrative.


    That's the point I meant about referring to its own past: any great work understands its own internal narrative "history", and at the point where they started to break away from that completely was where it fell down. Even with the best will in the world, if you go off in a completely different direction from an adaptation, you run the risk of that internal consistency and spirit of the work going out the window.

  4. 26 minutes ago, Mogster said:

    Game Of Thrones for instance made a number of changes from the books, and obviously left the source completely behind after it overtook them. Obviously we all know how that turned out, but it was good TV for a long time. Would it matter that it was increasingly just "fan fiction" if it kept up the quality?


    It's of course telling that it went to shit exactly at the point the show became fanfiction. It was decent adaptation up until that, which was when it was actually good. I would argue that was the exact reason why it couldn't keep up the quality either, because in having to deviate from the work it couldn't reconcile what had been written up to that point in any way with where it decided to go next. The work was unable to take any direction from its own past as it had to recreate what the art itself "meant" for this blank slate.

  5. As an addendum: there's nothing wrong with enjoying high quality "fanfiction" either, but it doesn't hurt to desire more than that.


    The comment above about it feeling hollow is most likely borne from that indescribable feeling you get from the gestalt work - the problem with a show like this is it will never be able to recapture that core feeling. It'll come and go, and be hopefully enjoyable while it's on, but what people will continue to talk about is the original work, long after this is forgotten.

  6. Well, essentially, it's trading on the Lord of the Rings name and "universe" to sell a TV show. The script and everything else is presumably something otherwise entirely original and has nothing really to do with Tolkien's original works, if we're talking about the "soul" of the art. Hence expensive fanfiction. It might turn out to be very good fanfiction, but it's fanfiction nonetheless.


    If they want to set themselves apart and really do some "mythmaking", I see no reason why it has to be attached to The Lord of the Rings, other than because it's an established brand where people can go "oh, I know what that is".


    I love The Lord of the Rings books, and the films were adapted about as well as they could be. I otherwise have very little interest in the existence of something just because it has the Lord of The Rings name slapped on it, personally.

  7. Stray Blade looks like it's channeling classic World of Warcraft.


    I'm finding the technical hitches on this stream baffling: it keeps freezing, then when it comes back someone pushes up the volume to 11 for a bit.

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