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  1. Removing the stun from Brigitte's shield bash probably made some players happy, but it was literally one of the most fun things I enjoyed about playing the character. So that's gone too I guess.


    Locking those previously unlocked skins behind the Battle Pass is really very shitty. The game isn't even really a sequel, just a glorified patch that takes your stuff away.

  2. Spoiler

    With the public "slut shaming" video thing the show is also broaching some pretty dark subject matter when it comes to revenge porn and stuff like that. I genuinely hope Jen gets to harness more of that rage without having to cut it short like at the end of this episode, as I don't think that subject matter can warrant breezy comedy fun to actually deal with it. The show is a bit weird tonally at times but if you have that kind of stuff the primal rage response seems appropriate.


  3. Just gonna pop on and check what skins carried over and mess about in Training Mode...


    "300 players ahead of you"


    And then it timed out and said 2000


    Yeah fuck that :lol:


    Modern online gaming is fucking shit.


    I miss the heady original days of Quake, UT and Counterstrike.


    And dedicated bloody custom servers so you could get around this bollocks.

  4. Spoiler

    I found the walk of shame really funny. It's a shame the next scene literally referenced it being a walk of shame immediately afterwards. It kind of undermines by pointing it out like it didn't have confidence in its own joke.


    Something I've really liked about Lower Decks is it's been doing visual humour where it doesn't draw attention to it which leaves a lot more up to the audience which is so much more satisfying.


    Anyway, I enjoyed the corridor fight reference for Daredevil, with of course She Hulk crashing the party, which I'm glad about as it's her bloody show!


  5. Spoiler

    The whole interaction between Jen and her tailor was utterly ridiculous. He seems written to be quite unnecessarily unpleasant and she was being a genuinely shit lawyer. The whole aspect of whether the suit had been used as directed by manufacturer is something I would have thought even a half decent legal counsel would have been aware of and advised against it going to court. I'm sorry but after watching Better Call Saul my bar for what is base line believable for "lawyer show!" has gone up. 


    Jen begging him to let bygones be bygones while in court as well just came across so weird. I don't think they want you to think of her of as particularly bad at her job but it's just kind of disappointing if the only purpose of that is to make Murdoch seem great or getting one over her or something. It's just weird.


  6. I mean it seems the writing and directing is mostly shared between the brothers who did Rogue One, The Bourne films, and Nightcrawler. So they're pretty solid picks in terms of putting out something that feels gritty and with some texture to it.

  7. I'm wondering if one of the show arcs will be:



    Mon Mothma betrayed by her husband and held by the Imperials, so then Luthen employs Andor to mount a daring rescue attempt.


  8. If we're talking predictions



    I reckon Gap Yar rebel boy is going to snuff it, and will while dying hand his little manifesto book to Andor in front of everyone, who will be completely non-plussed and use it as a fire lighter later when no-one is looking.


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