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  1. I don't own either a Dual Sense or Series S/X controller. So will be plumping for one of my other ones. If the game does use fancy Dual Sense rumble on PC however I'd be very tempted to get one...
  2. Yeah it almost has to be. Far too much time was spent on it without any answered questions otherwise.
  3. This is why I'm thinking maybe Switch Pro will be nice - no need for analogue on the triggers and they feel nice to press. Also it's powered by nuclear fusion. D-pad can sometimes think you are pressing another direction though if Tetris 99 is any indication.
  4. Maybe we need another petition to save The Expanse. Netflix could buy it. They love spunking money up the wall.
  5. Oh this is interesting, I wonder if it's statement of intent going forward for more ports as that's pretty excellent for PC controller support which has always often be lacking. I've not bought this mainly because I already finished it and found all the secrets already. I bought the port of Horizon but mainly because it was £10 and I had never played the DLC. For any one who has never played it though, it's £30 on CD Keys right now on PC and it's a properly excellent game
  6. I've honestly just been waiting for a Bloodborne port to play through it all again.
  7. The pace of that was so relentless I thought I was going to get whiplash
  8. It did not surprise me that the writers trying to one-up themselves every year with annual (or sometimes more) "O'Brien has a bad day" episodes was a thing.
  9. It's like a nice pair of trousers that you can pull out of the drawer and know with 100% certainty that this day will be spent in comfort.
  10. I sometimes put that episode on just irrespective of any rewatch or if I've even been watching any Trek recently.
  11. If what they show as the in-game bit in the trailer is real I'll buy a Commodore 64 just to set one on fire.
  12. No I mean a release of the remake on PC.
  13. I'm wondering (hoping) after this and the Horizon and Uncharted ports that this means we'll get Shadow of the Colossus and Bloodborne ports... I mean no fucker can get a PS5 right now so if they really want to sell more copies...
  14. I'd forgotten about this. Watching it again now and my finely tuned bullshit-o-meter simply exploded.
  15. Anyone remember the clone of Atic Atac that appeared on an Amstrad Action covertape? I played this for hours. Despite the terrible terrible and annoying sound effects.
  16. Some of the scrolling effects (even parallax!) that people are getting out of the machine now are incredible. But they still have that really unique and colourful CPC "look".
  17. One of the eternal questions about playing games on PC via Steam, with such a wide range of controller support. I'm leaning to Switch Pro as it's just so nice to use, but given the choice above, which would YOU pick? (I honestly couldn't decide whether to put this in Discussion instead. Maybe a mod could move it there)
  18. I don't envy you honestly, hope you're taking my posts in the spirit of good natured poking in the way they're intended! It's all a bit of argy bargy really I'd nominate Gloomhaven for special mention just because I don't think anyone else voted for it at all and seeing as everyone definitely hates board games I want them to suffer.
  19. I have, that's why I'm now on Valium. The best advice I could say from it is to make the list however you want and ignore any of the people moaning. Ignore any of the "popular" decisions. Rule with an iron fist. Do it *your* way.
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