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  1. Seeing as it's been suggested people who would rather avoid comics spoilers should make another thread (by people in the thread for the TV show who still want to keep posting potential spoilers from the comics). Here it is.


    This thread is for TV show chat only, no references to the comics. That can be continued in the original thread. There may be fewer people actually posting in here, but this one can now be exclusively used by anyone who might be worried about future spoilers instead of the other thread.


    We shouldn't need another thread, but this at least makes it obvious there's a place for both types of discussion, without having to worry too much about it.


    Personally I just want to discuss the TV show as I've never read the comic, so I'll be keeping any comments in here. A few people have already been caught out reading future stuff in the other thread they'd rather have been kept in the dark about it seems, so hopefully this thread will help.


    Posting about the comics in here WILL be considered trolling. Use spoiler tags as normal of course, but for current TV series discussion.

  2. What I'm saying is the specific story in the literal text works very closely as 



    an abortion allegory, simply as it is written. So it wasn't much of a stretch for me to interpret it that way.


    You can't easily fit just any interpretation you want to something, or otherwise it's impossible for anything to have real meaning, What you can do however is look directly at what a particular story is doing and draw a best fit interpretation from that and draw conclusions from it that may not have been apparent before.


    Writers may or may not have a specific intention when they create something, but intention isn't really important when it comes to the search for meaning, as that is gleaned when you interpret the finished text.


    This is why art criticism is an evolving process, and past works are constantly being re-evaluated, whatever their original intention was.



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