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  1. I've played for a few hours now but I think I'm done with it already to be honest. The combat, which it seems to want to encourage you to start often, just isn't very good. The weapons feel weak, the enemies are stupid, the feedback for actually shooting at them is poor...


    It's a shame, because I like the concept and the ideas, but it's just not that much fun mechanically for what it's trying to do.


    I'm not really all that sold on the writing or visuals either. And when the epic music starts playing in combat it just comes across weird when it's playing over a train of enemies coming round a corner for you to mow down.


    Add to that other frustrations: I just had a long battle of trying to mop up all the



    Wenjie clones, and I was on my last life after a long several hours before this, collecting gear and being careful, and was looking forward to being able to keep it all as the game made it clear that would be possible and I could keep my weapons after finishing the Wenjie's off. Only just as I was dropping down and jumping across a railing to get to the lab I didn't see there was water there and fell in and died. No guns for me, and all that progress lost for no reason.


    It's not like a rogue like yet (which I'm assuming it will be eventually), as I literally kept nothing. At least in Hades or whatever there would still have been some loot or something to show for it, but as it is it just feels really deflating.


    I cannot understand the high scores for this everywhere, it's just nowhere near as good as Prey for example, a game which many reviewers slept on and it didn't get the recognition it deserved at the time I think.


  2. It's stuttering randomly when loading new areas. Might need a driver update. This is on a 3060ti and SSD so it's not a hardware issue. Seems to be something to do with v-sync 

  3. I just started trying to play this on PC, but it's an unstable mess apparently, hard crashing to desktop just when changing some video options. The spoonfeeding intro section with constant pop-ups is extremely boring as well so I'm not really feeling it having to repeat it with this constant crashing.

  4. The final step:


    Once you have done the above linking process, boot up Overwatch on ANY version. In my case I booted up the PC version again, and then I had a new account merge option appear. Then use that to confirm your account merge. It let me confirm the PSN account progression to be merged.


    I suggest doing this today before they turn the servers off at 5pm (BST) to be safe.

  5. Also, I don't think the actual merging will happen until OW2 is out, so as long as you link your console accounts to Battle.net I assume it then carries it all over. Right now if you login to OW1 I don't think any items will carry over yet seeing as they've not yet merged them as part of the OW2 cross platform model.


    At least that is my assumption.

  6. 1 hour ago, tobert said:

    Am i right in saying that you can only merge accounts from within the game on consoles? I sold my copy a while ago so I think , unless there is an option to do this via the web,  I am scuppered.


    Also am I right in thinking that, if I don't merge accounts, I will need to unlock all the hero's again? 


    I don't have an active PSN sub so I've not even bothered turning on my PS4. However, you can link the Battle.net account to it entirely in a browser which I was assuming would be enough.


    Basically, go here: https://account.battle.net/connections#connected-accounts


    Click connect on whatever your console account is. In my case it was PSN, so it took me to the PlayStation account website and prompted me to login to my PSN account, and once logged in it automatically linked it to Battle.net



  7. Spoiler

    A little joke I really liked was Rutherford making a comment about having a heart to heart on the promenade deck with a passing journalist.


    It broke the fourth wall but not in a way where the character had to be aware of it.


  8. Spoiler

    I'm not sure I'm keen on the idea that Mariner knows Quark for some reason. Feels like they're setting up small universe syndrome there for no good reason. Either drop that or the Shax/Kira thing.


    But apart from that niggle and the slightly too much memberberries, they managed to create an episode that somehow felt like a classic Quark caper, so very enjoyable stuff! The old actors did a decent job too.


  9. 11 minutes ago, Kayin Amoh said:

    I tried to log in to my PS4 account to merge my data with the cross platform servers, but - ha ha! - my PSN is expired and I can't log far enough into the game to do it. 


    Some good costumes, too. It's been a while so I'm not sure how PSN works regarding accounts, but could I log in on a friend's machine who has PS+ and access the network on my profile that way?


    Oh that's shit. So if you don't have an active PSN sub you can't merge the account?

  10. Spoiler

    It's one of the most difficult to believe aspects so far. He was obviously creepy right from his introduction in the wedding episode. Are we expected to also believe that Jen wouldn't have picked up on that also? it's too much plot artifice getting in the way of an actual character they already have that is great that they could allow to breathe on their own terms.


  11. 2 hours ago, SpagMasterSwift said:

    Using a glued together model rather than the traditional hologram to show the plan of attack felt very apt for this show.


    That felt so massively not Star Wars but as a result I kind of loved it. It was so weird in this context it was endearing.



    Same with the security guy coming home to his mum, and her neighbour rubbernecking from across the council estate. Just weird and dull and odd and not Star Wars-like all through it, but relatable and "normal" if it was literally any other show. I'm enjoying it just for how strange it all feels even if it's probably going to piss off fans no end :lol:


  12. The AAA space is not really the place to look for innovation a lot of the time. But there's loads of stuff out there from all sorts of developers if you look for it. Just a few new and newish games off the top of my head that all do new or interesting things with established concepts or genres:


    Card Shark




    Metal Hellsinger

    Zero Ranger



  13. Spoiler

    I agree with the show: Jen IS great! So I would love it if the show put that meta commentary on itself and its audience into practice and never have Jen hulking out for the rest of the series. Now that would be daring! It would also say something about talking control of the narrative that Jen hasn't had the opportunity to do yet.


    But I don't see that happening alas.


    Rest of the episode was okay, if a bit on the silly side.


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