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  1. The scariest thing about Drake is that at least Lara looks a bit tortured about it at first, before she really embraces the killing.


    But Drake just mows brown people down, then puts on that Tom Cruise smile and heads back home in time to play Crash Bandicoot with Elena in cutesy domestic bliss.



  2. 27 minutes ago, Garwoofoo said:

    Hit a roadblock in Act 3 where I just couldn't seem to progress no matter what I did. Eventually I solved it by methodically walking round the entire village and talking to absolutely everyone, turned out I'd missed one person in a house somewhere that I needed to talk to in order to advance the plot.


    Real shame as it kind of soured the momentum a bit and made it feel more like a game than the naturally-flowing interactive story it's been so far. But that's the only time it's happened, everything apart from that has been wonderful.


    When you check the map the game does show you little stars showing your goal for where to move things forward. I actually found myself ignoring it most of the time as I was checking everywhere anyway.

  3. 26 minutes ago, BadgerFarmer said:

    I think it's a great way to emulate the pace of that rural life, in contrast to the digital nature of the game. Most games, even investigations games, are about instant judgements and logical clues that snap together immediately. This is about generating time to mull over the details of characters, using processes such as craftwork as a background to let the mind wander and formulate ideas.


    I think the game it reminded me of a lot of the time was Shenmue.


    You have an inciting incident, but the way the pace of it all unfolds is very similar. The life going on around you shares Shenmue's attention to detail in its setting. You also have the same sense of not always having enough time to do everything, though in this case through triggers rather than a real-time clock. And also just in the way different rituals are observed: saying grace before meals or Ryo taking off his shoes before entering his house every day. Even the daily job aspect.

  4. I absolutely loved that part



    It's exactly as exciting as I imagined my Andreas would have found it, i.e. Not very - but a means to listen in on the gossip. I loved the domesticity of it, doing something fairly mundane but as an excuse to listen to all the women in the town and spend time in their company. 


    I find I enjoy just how sedate everything in the world is and how out of time Tassing is even in its own time period. I grew up in a rural environment and it feels quite nostalgic for the pace of life of those kinds of villages, which is something that endures through history.


    Something about that scene also made me think about the subtle patriarchal elements that permeated that social situation: the fact the ladies had to have a man watching over them in the room to make sure there was no "funny business", from either other men from outside, or to prevent them getting too "rowdy". In other words, the subtext there being that they had to be prevented from organising anything by themselves that isn't approved by a man or having complete agency in their social gatherings. Small rebellions from the womenfolk therefore would be monitored.


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