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  1. Something else to note is the number of film and game references is ridiculous. Some overt and some subtle. I spotted:




    Resident evil

    The Terminator


    Jo Jo's Bizarre adventure





    Street Fighter 2

    Star Wars


    And that's before you just consider the influences from Devil May Cry and Spiderverse and Space Channel 5 and stuff like that.


    Just an incredible game.

  2. Yeah I honestly think the show made a mistake trying to be edgy and "adult" with the gore and swearing and the initial tone, because the writing is good enough to carry it as a show for a wider audience, but they've kind of shot themselves in the foot with that and will have to run with it.


    It does definitely feel a little rushed, but I think that's becoming an issue with a lot of series these days when they can't commit themselves to multiple 24 episode seasons like Avatar.

  3. I would never normally do this with games - but I've been watching the next stream Max Dood did with it after I got further in the game (not wanting spoilers obviously), and the love it's getting is just intense. One of the game's (alleged) devs even popped in his chat at one point saying they worked on it and were glad people liked it!


    It just oozes love and care all over it.


    I think the only other game I've done that with is Elden Ring streams last year - it's just infectious being there at the start with something and seeing people go nuts for great moments.

  4. The first season turned down the cheese rapidly as it went on. This season is now only as cheesy as something like Avatar/Korra ever was and is generally fairly tonally serious and silly at the right moments, so it's just the right balance. But starting this one after not watching the previous would be somewhat pointless as it's a direct continuation of various character narratives.


    I personally have enjoyed this far more than Arcane because Arcane felt a bit self important about itself at times.

  5. I'm finding parts of the game with certain enemies very tricky now even on normal mode because of my shitty rhythm ability, but it's not dampened my enjoyment of it one bit. It's doing exactly what it wants and I love it for it.



    There was a data pad (yes I actually read some of them) that made a joke about why is there a huge timing puzzle for a section when it could just be a key - "because it's more fun!"


    Bastards :lol:


  6. 38 minutes ago, Spacehost said:

    That was, indeed, a most bizarre adventure. Would recommend.


    The descent into "yes and" madness will  infuriate you if you're into anime for the rich characters and complex narratives but that's your problem Poindexter. This is a golden experience.


    Your heart would need to be a stone ocean not to appreciate the battle tendency on display. A real bunch of stardust crusaders on this show.


    The diamond at the heart of the show is really unbreakable.


    Phantom blood.



    So what you're saying, in a roundabout way, is holy shit, oh my God. Sonofabitch.

  7. Still avoiding spoilers, but this week's trio of episodes were bloody brilliant.


    In episode 6 in particular



    That whole fight was just some absolute tippety top tier stuff. They are masterfully directed.


    Also, I guessed very early on that the "riddle" would involve Scanlan doing literally what he did, but it was no less great to see that perfect plot beat coming :lol:


  8. Interesting side note: Max Dood streamed this last night right after it dropped, instead of playing Forspoken, which got dropped like a hot rock, and the stream went down an absolute storm with viewers absolutely adoring it and the chat going mental.


    This game is absolutely going to become a cult hit this year.

  9. This game is superb! An absolute treat of a game and that's only after the second boss.


    It's full of references too



    I could have sworn there was something to the Final Fantasy 7 Remake voice actress making a joke about taking the stairs being an arduous path.


    For something like this to just spring into existence fully formed is just, *chefs kiss*

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