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  1. I'm having a bit of a pause on this at the moment because surprisingly enough listening to a lot of music with headphones on can get tiring after a while. "But why not just use some speakers, Benny?" Shush, you.

  2. This does play fundamentally differently to the original. There is weight, aim spread, weapon sway, micro-adjustments to positioning, countering and dodging/ducking under things.


    It's better not to compare it to the original in that respect, as the design philosophy is more like the other Resi Remakes, so don't go in expecting to play it in the way your brain remembers, as you'll most likely come away disappointed.


    The way it all works is superb specifically for how they've intended this remake to feel, though. You more often get tense emergent situations that you have to wrestle with, as you make slight adjustments to aiming or positioning that you couldn't in the original, so it's less arcade like but satisfying to master weapons in a very different way.

  3. 11 hours ago, amc said:

    What a fucking game. Late to the party, very late but very glad I arrived. Definitely one of the GOATs. 


    Off to google what's known about The Witcher 4. That'll be a killer wait.


    If you haven't played the DLC, that's basically what you need.

  4. 1 hour ago, dug said:

    Thanks for the gatcha insight, @Benny. I have been wondering how exactly it works. I think the game has hoodwinked me somewhat, because the only legendary trinket I've had was from 3 golds. So it made me think it's a good idea do one 3 gold attempt after each new firing range.


    So as I understand it you're saying that there are four drop tables, one for 3xsilver, one for 1xgold&2xsilver, one for 2xgold&1xsilver and one for 3xgold. And the order of the rewards you will get from each table are set when you begin a new playthrough.


    I guess there are restrictions on which trinkets can appear in which drop tables. Like, can the highest tier of trinket (legendary?) only appear in the 3xgold table, or can it appear in other tables but with reduced probability?


    I have many other questions, but without access to the code, I doubt you'd be able to answer them! 



    I've spoilered this just because some people might not want to know how it works but:



    Yes, the above appears to be how it works. The only thing we don't know is what the weighting of more valuable rewards is on each table, but also, even if the rewards for say, the 3G table have fewer silver rewards than the other tables (which would make sense), the fact there are duplicates means you still might end up with a bad table set on your playthrough.


  5. 14 minutes ago, Benny said:

    And given it's possible to get duplicates, compounding the problem, it's the only part of the game I actively dislike because of how fucking bullshit it is as a reward :lol:


    Though one upshot of this is



    Even though the Merchant is clearly swindling you, it does mean that after you have a good stack of tokens, you can pump the machine with all of the tokens you have to get as far along one of the 4 "stacks" to see what you can access, reload, then check out the next stack etc until you know what you can get at that point in the playthrough, so you can game it ever so slightly, even if what is available is all crap.


  6. Sorry, a small correction:



    It's actually more fixed than that even:


    So actually, the seed is tied to whatever combination of coins you add: so for example, at any one time of use, you will always get the same next item reward in the sequence for a 3S, 2S+1G, 1S+2G and 3G.


    This means there are effectively 4 "stacks" of items, and every time you punch in one of the above combinations, you get the next item on the bottom of the corresponding of the 4 stacks. This means no matter what you do, there will be situations where even the next item up on the 3G stack might be a silver ball. I suspect all 4 stacks are seeded on a new game, and the G stacks just have fewer silver balls on them.


    It's basically bullshit, because you'll probably have a situation where you only have a few gold coins left, and the next rewards on all the three "gold" stacks are silver balls.


  7. In case anyone is wondering about the randomness in the shooting gallery rewards machine:



    It doesn't appear to be random at all, but "seeded" to your save.


    I discovered this because I put one gold coin in with silvers and got a duplicate epic. I reloaded and tried again several times, and it always gave me the same exact reward.


    I then tried to put two gold coins in instead when I reloaded and I got the same item. Three gold coins: the same. Edit: corrected below. If I put in all silvers, I got something different, but if I reloaded, three silvers still returned the same item I got for three silvers last time.


    I didn't redeem an item in the end and I have gone back to the shooting gallery and tried again after a lot of progress: and lo and behold, one gold coin added and I get the same epic reward as before.


    So, essentially, there is no randomisation: the "chance" is meaningless - it's essentially one seed of what rewards you are going to get in a specific order, for presumably each playthrough. So I would say don't ever put more than one gold coin in with the silver ones, as it seems to base what the next one you get in the order just on whether a gold coin is present.


  8. The very idea that they would create this cute puppet with massive, sympathetic eyes that everyone loves, and then have him wear a stupid little opaque helmet at all times, is so utterly absurd I look forward to seeing it become a reality, as the viewing figures for the show coincidentally crash and burn.

  9. almost got to the end of the castle section last night I think. I've really been taking my sweet time with this and making sure I hoover up all the treasures and side requests. Anyway, highlights from the closing parts of the castle:



    So after Ashley's section:



    That is, after she gets grabbed and taken to the throne room. There's a bit with two of the blind fuckers, and I absolutely loved that room. I honestly had forgotten about using the bells, but I basically made it my mission to try and complete the whole room entirely passively without firing a single shot or doing any stabbing. I reloaded a lot but it was a huge amount of fun trying to get the blind guys to kill all the cultists by running past them at just the right place and time.


    Of course it meant to finish I still had to stealth knife the blind guys, as I don't think they can kill each other (but I would be delighted to be wrong), which you definitely need more than just the combat knife for, but fortunately there's a few more lying around.


    And then the mine bit: glorious!



  10. 7 hours ago, Majora said:

    Initially sold my riot gun to fund the striker but now sold the striker back to get the riot gun again. Not sure if the fully upgraded striker is technically more powerful than the fully upgraded riot gun but the increased spread isn't wide enough to make up for the decreased range for me. 


    I only bought the Striker because it was in the shop and I waited until my Riot Gun was empty so that I could swap for a fully loaded shotgun. I've just realised this must be the new free ammo upgrading trick: sell a gun and then buy it back :lol:


    Probably a false economy though, but I assume it does at least fill up the gun if you change your mind and want to swap...

  11. Managed to soft lock the game with some chicanery in Ashley's bit:



    I was fiddling with the first clock you find, and managed to open it after getting the keys but before getting the elevator to open the required shortcut. The upshot was that I did the whole mausoleum section and then ran back out again, only to get to the elevator and find that I couldn't press the button on it. Luckily I had a save before Ashley's section, but it meant having to do the whole thing all over again. My fault for brute forcing a puzzle really!


    (I used to do the same thing with the simple three digit locker locks in Resident Evil 2 remake, as I figured it would take longer to find the code than just manually trying every combination)


  12. Top tip if you want to play this with the best performance and are wondering if you should turn on the better hair: don't. It looks great when static, but in the wind and rain it animates exceptionally weirdly and behaves less like real hair than it does if you turn off hair strands. It also actually looks more realistically matted and dirty with it turned off honestly, because Leon and Ashley have clearly been getting covered in shit for hours.

  13. My parents had not really been feeling the latest season of Mandalorian, so I recommended they give this series a try, despite it being a cartoon. They started from the first season and apparently they now love it  - even my dad who doesn't usually like animation - and might even give The Clone Wars a go.

  14. On 24/03/2023 at 21:03, Sarlaccfood said:

    No sure about the deadzone but I’m enjoying the triggers on the dualsense giving the guns a different feel.


    Can anyone confirm if this feature is available on the PC version with a wired Dual Sense controller? For this alone it's made me want to buy one.





    On 25/03/2023 at 00:12, Uzi said:

    You need to use it wired - full info here



    It has haptics but no adaptive triggers - EDIT - nope it also has adaptive triggers, need to make sure steam input is disabled


    AHA! Ignore me. Just heading to Amazon...

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