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  1. I genuinely hate everything about this.
  2. Keep getting 1s and 3s on the old D4... DS9 S2E18 "Profit and Loss" Not the similarly named DS9 episode fortunately... It's interesting seeing Garak early on. He's always seemed rather evil, though most of it is very much through his unshakable patriotism despite being in disgraced exile. I always found Bashir's association with him reflected fairly badly on Bashir at times, because Garak makes no secret of his belief in the justification of the Cardassian occupation and subjugation of Bajor, but Bashir obviously finds him deeply fascinating. Garak definitely softens slightly later on, as the Dominion war and the shifting of Galactic powers ravage Cardassia, and it's interesting seeing the decision he makes in this episode - you get the feeling he planned what he did at the end as Garak is not really given to doing things on a whim. But it might just have been a big fuck you to Cardassian command of course, rather than sentiment
  3. I'm sorry call that a challenge? 🕹 High Score Day #56 - https://highscoreday.com
  4. As gorgeous as that was, that might have been the most depressing thing I've seen all day.
  5. The final scene is genuinely absurd. But what's this, a Red Shirt saves the day?! They all conclude the deadly woman was very intelligent, but, most importantly, that she was beautiful. Except Spock, because he's not a thirsty human.
  6. For some reason Kirk is the only one immune to the touch of the beautiful evil woman She cops a feel of Sulu though. Oh my!
  7. TOS S3E17 "That Which Survives" Oh no! Shaking cardboard rocks! Spock gets his full logic on while captaining the ship, along with a side helping of sass. I'm good with that.
  8. I even tidied up some of the broken votes, so again, some degenerates will be happy with that one.
  9. I added those last two sets of votes anyway, because I'm nice. It did actually make a bit of a difference which will probably make certain quarters happy. And some very unhappy probably
  10. I didn't get the appeal of the 2D mode myself. It looks nice enough, but it doesn't have the flair of a game specifically designed only in 2D like Chrono Trigger or something.
  11. 🕹 High Score Day #55 - https://highscoreday.com Where's my I NY hat and hotdog?
  12. FilmSaw #14 - https://filmsaw.com How you would get that in the first two I have no idea.
  13. As for the other shorts: The three robot one was kind of pointless. Just a series of pointing at a thing and making obvious observations about the thing. Nonplussed Crab one was decent. Impressively grotesque. But I've seen enough crabs in Elden Ring for a lifetime. I enjoyed mini zombie one. Cute. The Io astronauts one was very nice, really enjoyed both the concept and the visuals. Felt like that could easily be a slower paced feature film based around it. Dude bros and bear one... I actually kind of hated it. It outstayed its welcome almost immediately, and just kept going with lame humour and I just wanted it over with even if you are supposed to root for the bear. Swarm: cool visuals, but I think the execution didn't quite live up to the concept - it kind of thrusts you into a bigger universe that it's supposed to feel like a slice of, but it didn't feel particularly satisfying or conclusive as its own thing. Rats one. I actually loved this one. Very simple, but looked really impressive visually and was just a lot of fun to watch. And the last soldiers in the cave one: Took me a few moments to realise it was CG, though once the lighting changed it became obvious. But was quite cool, but characters were half baked. As for the reveal:
  14. I see the new series is being discussed in the Netflix thread, but this seems the place to discuss the Jibaro episode in particular. The other shorts were diverting enough, but Jibaro was in a complete other level. Just a fantastic piece of cinema. Spoilers thoughts:
  15. 1. JoJo's Bizarre Adventure A bold pick for number one I’m sure. But no other show has made me run the gamut of emotions so much, so frequently, and with such tonal whiplash and wilful disregard for conventions that it's honestly quite, quite brilliant. An endless source of memes, mirth, wholesomeness, joy, pathos and just sheer nonsense. 2. The Wire Probably will be the greatest series ever for some time hence. It gets to the heart of not just the war on drugs but problems that fester deep in the heart of society. From the ghettos to the docks, racial and class divides, empires of corruption, well meaning criminals and savage cops. It’s the Alpha and Omega of America. 3. Avatar: The Last Airbender It’s not enough that the animation is some of the most expertly choreographed ever made (using real martial artist as a close reference), this is one of the most consistently brilliantly written animated series ever made. The characters spring fully formed out of the screen as real, tangible people, with hopes, dreams and lives beyond the frame. 4. Better Call Saul Breaking bad was just a warmup. Cinematography that simply screams at you to sit and pay attention, to soak up every lingering angle and light shaft, with not a pixel out of place. The show likes to show off almost as much as its protagonist. But eventually, it’s the ensemble cast that really matters, and their collective performances will be the stuff of TV legend when it’s over. 5. Twin Peaks: The Return A prestige show that is itself a mediation on prestige shows of the last 20 years. The Lynch creative juices are in full flow in show that holds up a mirror as much as it tumbles into its own terrifying fever dream. 6. Paranoia Agent The late Satoshi Kon was known for his filmmaking genius, and here he applies his craft to an animated series that pokes fun at the medium in general, whilst exploring trauma and the meaning of reality itself. An excellent companion piece to the film Paprika. 7. BoJack Horseman Bojack is a terrible horseman being. But, the hook is of course, if he can ever be redeemed. A thorough exploration of damaged people, whilst being one of the sharpest and most well observed comedies in years. 8. Chernobyl Not great, not terrible. 9. The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance Cancelled by Netflix, because Netflix are bastards. This managed to in some ways even surpass the film it was based on, if not in consistency of vision, but just in sheer wondrous, heartfelt and loving craft. An absolute feast for the eyes and senses. 10. Planet Earth A work of such staggering and heartrending beauty that the fact we’re on course to destroying all of the nature depicted in it is both some sort of sick joke and a monument to the folly of human artistic endeavours. 11. Band of Brothers These days I find my tolerance for what can seem like a romanticized or “exciting” depiction of war is extremely thin, and there are times where it can feel like Band of Brothers veers a little bit on the side of the latter… But it’s the last episodes and the shattered lives that it reflects back on that sum up the series and put everything in context, and with that completes the whole, and ultimately devastating condemnation of war. 12. The Expanse After the 90s “Golden Age” of sci-fi, there was never that much that could really hope to sink into the popular consciousness like Star Trek or even Babylon 5 did. There were big space operas like Battlestar Galactica that got us all going for a while, but what it turned out we all wanted was a big, dense, solid slice of hard science fiction. The Expanse wasn’t quite that, but it was close enough. And it had haircuts. 13. Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex One of the few anime series where I will happily watch it with the English dubbed cast, as they fit their characters extremely well. The film of Ghost in the Shell is of course a classic, but this series explored transhumanism and cyberpunk ideas much more broadly, and despite sometimes disappearing up its own arse, is occasionally quite profound. The Major's clothing at times though, yeesh. 14. Devs What if Determinism, the show. It’s honestly much more interesting than that, but it’s something that is very easy to spoil if you’ve not seen it. But suffice to say, for me it is a story about Purgatory. Both real and that which we create for ourselves. 15. Thermae Romae Novae A Roman bath architect gets teleported to present day Japan. It’s just as ridiculous as that sounds. And fantastic. 16. The Queen's Gambit I love board games, so the fact the world has finally woken up to how sexy they are is hopefully a turning point in many stale marriages across the globe. 17. Cells at Work! If anyone remembers that old cartoon series that used to be shown on UK TV called "Once upon a time... Life", with anthropomorphised blood cells going about their business, then this is basically exactly like that, aimed at the same ages, but is also very often raucously funny, sometimes scary, and also, apparently, extremely scientifically accurate, with contextual story bits that would only fully make sense to biology nerds. 18. Deadwood Lovejoy Goes West 19: Black Mirror. I honestly think the later series have been a real let-down, but a few of those first few are some of the most absorbing and terrifying science fiction ever. 20. Castlevania To round it off, this is a gaming forum, so how about it? There have been several decent game to TV adaptations recently. There was the League of Legends one with great animation, The Witcher series, which while based on books, clearly took the games as the main source of inspiration. And the Shenmue series was quite good… But this for me is by far the best. Silly voice acting, witty one liners, stupid sexy Alucard, and the most inventive and best choreographed animated fight scenes since Avatar. The list on its own, for ease of collation: 1. JoJo's Bizarre Adventure 2. The Wire 3. Avatar: The Last Airbender 4. Better Call Saul 5. Twin Peaks: The Return 6. Paranoia Agent 7. BoJack Horseman 8. Chernobyl 9. The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance 10. Planet Earth 11. Band of Brothers 12. The Expanse 13. Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex 14. Devs 15. Thermae Romae Novae 16. The Queen's Gambit 17. Cells at Work! 18. Deadwood 19: Black Mirror 20. Castlevania
  16. I mean given I make the rules, I literally decide that. Don't worry, I'm sure it will be an unforgettable luncheon.
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