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  1. Ultimately, I don't know if it was literally intended if that was what the story of the film was supposed to be about, but I think for me it makes the central conflict at the heart of it far more interesting than any of the other MCU films, and resembles the allegorical storytelling you get in high concept science fiction.


    It's just a shame the film is so bloated and stodgy it was never going to resonate that way with regular audiences or critics.


    And just to expand a bit on the interpretation:



    The Eternals were themselves shown to have been created as part of an endless cycle of forced birth and rebirth - by losing their memories each time they are essentially being forced to be born again without their consent.


    The Deviants were forced to be born yet cast aside by their "mother" when they did not turn out as expected. Neglected and abused children.


  2. It's buggered basically. Interactions don't always register. No longer returns the equivalent of minimum wage for a couple of minutes clicking on the daily searches/pages.


    Some dev release probably broke the scripts on it.

  3. 2 minutes ago, Sidewaysbob said:

    I think that might be your confirmation bias fitting current events to a film from 4 years ago.


    I did consider that, but it seems like one quite plausible way to read it to me, as the story is literally wrestling philosophically with that issue. It's also possible to view things differently in retrospect when prompted to think about them in a different way, which can become just as valid.

  4. Making a new thread is an idea and was exactly what I was suggesting. Which you're also saying was shit for Game of Thrones. So the alternative to that is just to be more careful with comics chat in here now that the discussion has evolved to discuss the show, which I think is all the people not familiar with the comics here are asking.

  5. People use spoilers so they can discuss events in the TV show, without spoiling it for people who may not have seen recent episodes yet. They should be able to do that without worrying about the possibility of having later events spoiled by comics chat.


    All media being in conversation with each other isn't really relevant to that specific issue, as it doesn't suddenly mean everyone should put up with spoilers they weren't looking for in something else.


    Why be so desperate to be contrary about it? Just do comics chat somewhere else if you are that desperate to include it, like we did with GoT.

  6. I'm actually surprised nobody seemed to pick up on the obvious metaphor in this for





    The main conflict of the story between the Eternals comes down to a disagreement over whether they should condemn "mother" Earth to destruction, to be forced to give birth to a Celestial child.


    The anti-abortion Eternals argue that it will go on to have more future children so they shouldn't get in the way. The pro-choice characters argue that it's not right that Earth is not able to choose.


    Kingo is anti abortion, but walks away from the conflict, partly, as he doesn't think he has the right to fight anyone who is pro-choice if that is their decision. Ikarus on the other hand, represents a militant "pro-life" agenda: someone who does not think the mother has the right to choose even for themselves.


    Sersi of course is pro-choice, and is willing to fight for that right to be given, seeing as the "mother" in this case hasn't even been given the right to choose.


  7. I couldn't stand No Way Home. It literally felt like a film manufactured for consumption. A collision of "products".


    This was boring and long and jarring and gloopy and stiff but didn't feel like I was being served a hot plate of memberberry pie, so I think I actually like it more despite it being "worse".

  8. Mark Kermode's review of this is a fascinating example of someone managing to talk about something else entirely (in this case the mechanical nature of the production in physical comedy), without actually talking about whether it's any good or not.


    They'd had Atkinson on for interview beforehand it seems, and Kermode was phoning into the studio by video link, so it all looked really pointedly like Kermode was just trying to avoid the whole thing.

  9. Put this on tonight because honestly I don't know why but anyway... This has got to be the most tonally weird Marvel film. And Angelina Jolie has barely any actual lines, and I'm not sure what she's doing in it exactly but it doesn't seem to resemble any kind of acting that I know of.


    The most surprising thing is I don't actually hate it. I'm finding it kind of more interesting than the new Doctor Strange film.

  10. The French Connection


    Never actually watched this before, despite being familiar with Friedkin's other works. Absolutely mesmerising, grotty and nihilistic tale of obsession.




    Also a rewatch of


    Who Framed Roger Rabbit 


    Stunning in 4k, and still an absolute classic




    And finally


    Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness


    Felt like a missed opportunity to truly do something off the wall different, as it just falls back on the same tired old Marvel formula with a few Raimi flourishes and is full of really stupid stuff.



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