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  1. I felt the second half of the series was maybe a bit weaker than the first half, but episode 6 was absolutely my favourite, just as that part was in the comic. 



    I never really much liked the serial killer convention bit, but can't fault as adaptation


    As for the point above about having the Hob part after the Sound of Her Wings: I think it has clearly been intended in this case to show how Dream chooses to re-connect with his old friend after speaking with Death. It seems the opportunity was taken to strengthen those narrative ties in this adaptation to show Dream is changing, and I think it works.


  2. I just watched episode 6



    I'm really impressed now.


    It was really very touching and affecting. Got quite caught up in it as it's one of my favourite parts of the comic.


    I really think Death is portrayed exceptionally well. Very close to the kind of temperament I imagined.


    And as for 1589 Dream: phwoar! That's one attractive lad.


  3. I've tried to get into Ikaruga many many times, but the unforgiving "puzzle" aspect to it for me just gets in the way of, well, the shmuping. 


    My favourite Treasure shooter is still Bangai-O (DC version)

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