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  1. I wrote a mini review of Ico for Rllmuk's top 100 games - I thought then and still think it's a masterpiece. Edge 8? Pfft.
  2. You mean in VR? More than you can possibly imagine.
  3. I just got motion sickness for the first time with the PSVR tonight playing Scavengers Odyssey. Got very hot as well and had started to sweat despite my flat being cold. Had to stop my session even though I was enjoying the game.
  4. Yeah I think a lot of people must miss that down the well in the DLC. I think it's a knowing reference to the fact there was a great starting item down the well at Firelink Shrine in Dark Souls, but as not many people realised you could jump down there at first they missed it on a first play through.
  5. Yeah for Batman and The Heist having Move controllers is practically mandatory, as the entire intention and setup of the experiences breaks down otherwise.
  6. Why did I have to book my week off the week before this is out?
  7. Benny

    PS4 Pro

    If you like setting fire to money I'm sure it's good.
  8. Does anyone fancy doing some big Friday Night Rllmuk Overwatch grouping on PS4? I want to see what we can achieve with some teamwork going as the quality of matches in PUG groups is getting me down. PSN ID: hoopyfordprefect
  9. Benny


    There are always a few bad apples that need to be purged.
  10. The Move situation is fucking stupid. There are some of the best VR experiences available on the PSVR that require Move to be played properly, and yet they are practically unavailable. I was fortunate that I managed to find one second hand for a reasonable price, but it's absurd that they were less available than the PSVR itself considering how important they are.
  11. I'm so glad I got one when everyone was collectively jizzing their pants, or right now I'd have the bluest VR balls ever. Maybe that's what VR porn is for.
  12. I envy anyone playing this now for the first time. After I'd finished it I thought the game could best be summed up as an unholy union between Vanquish and Bulletstorm, which probably makes it the best game of all time.
  13. Benny


    I'd often suspected this place was full of joyless cunts.
  14. This could get tricky... 1990 1. Total Recall - not just another Arnie action movie, Total Recall is a surprisingly clever slice of science fiction and has some of the most memorable set pieces from 90s cinema. 2. The Witches - one of the best Rohld Dahl adaptations, and genuinely scary to boot. 3. Back to the Future Part III - better than the previous film in the series in my opinion, and just great fun 1991 1.Terminator 2: Judgement Day - better than the original? Maybe not, but this is one of the best action films ever made, and the effects are so incredible they still hold up today. 2. Only Yesterday - Studio Ghibli, and especially director Isao Takahata, are masters of making magic from the mundane. A simple but enthralling story of growing up in Japan. 3. The Fisher King - a relatively restrained effort from Terry Gilliam, but it's one of his best films in my opinion. A truly superb performance from Robin Williams as well. 1992 1. Unforgiven - one of the best films that is effectively about the Western itself I've seen. Clint Eastwood proves here that he's a directing powerhouse. 2. Hard Boiled - there are action films, and then there is Hard Boiled. One of the most downright ridiculous ballets of guns ever made, with shotguns that sound like earthquakes. 3. Aladdin - one of Disney's most enjoyable ever animated efforts, purely down to Robin Williams voicing and embodying one of the funniest characters ever drawn. 1993 1. Groundhog Day - I've watched this film almost as many times as Bill Murray repeats the day in the film, and it's never lost its charm. Funny, witty, clever, with a dash of dark. 2. Iron Monkey - one of the best martial arts films ever, with fight choreography by Yuen Woo-Ping that puts so many later efforts to shame, and it's just brilliant fun to watch. 3. Carlito's Way - an underappreciated gem of the gangster genre. The story of a gangster trying to escape his former life is one less often covered and fascinating. 1994 1. The Shawshank Redemption - a film of layers, that build on each other as despair gives way to hope, and with some of the finest performances of any film this decade. 2. Pom Poko - it's a Studio Ghibli film with a strong environmental message that features raccoons that have bollocks with magical powers. Yes. 3. The Mask - I've always had a soft spot for this film, even though I think Jim Carey's character doesn't cut loose as often as I would like. Just great fun. 1995 1. 12 Monkeys - in my opinion this is Gilliam's best film, even above Brazil. A truly staggering work of intricate plotting and high level concepts in a very tightly directed whole. 2. Ghost in the Shell - a confusing but ultimately mind blowing foray into cyberpunk, trans-humanism, and more. A seminal work of science fiction. 3. La Haine - a gut punching journey into the lives of three young men growing up on the streets of Paris. Vincent Cassel is incredible. 1996 1. Fargo - my favourite Cohen Brothers movie and I think perhaps their best. Lashings of dark humour and a truly distinctive setting make this twisted magic. 2. Secrets & Lies - a kitchen sink drama par excellence. One of Timothy Spall's finest performances. 3. Star Trek: First Contact - fuck you, it's brilliant. It's not so much the film itself, but it's just that when you've followed these characters for so long it elevates it beyond what it is. 1997 1. Princess Mononoke - quite possibly Mayazaki's finest work. A truly mind blowing story of the awesome power of nature and its relationship to humans. And utterly gorgeous. 2. Perfect Blue - in the same vein, this is probably Satoshi Kon's best film. Hitchcock-like and disturbing and fascinating in equal measure. A clever and horrific nightmare. 3. Contact - a truly mesmerizing slice of science fiction that ponders the big questions intelligently and has just the right amount of hokum without being cheesy. 1998 1. The Big Lebowski - more Cohen brothers fun. Not up to the heights of Fargo, but consistently surprising and with a great performance from Jeff Bridges. And surprisingly not very dark. 2. The Truman Show - I think possibly Jim Carey's best film and a truly brilliant concept. 3. Dark City - an underrated science fiction noir gem. 1999 1. The Matrix - it's just so fucking cool. A film that would be aped by so many in so many differesnt aspects, and even made idiots interested in philosophy. 2. Toy Story 2 - building on the first film's success and quality of writing, the characters are more fleshed out, the script sharp, and the story heartbreaking. One of Pixar's best. 3. The Iron Giant -
  15. Trolling with Junkrat. Evrytime.
  16. Benny

    EDGE #300

    It's basically as good as the Mario 64 moment when you first get control and start jumping around the castle gardens. But it's also like paying £15 just for that glorious first time of larking about. For me that's worth the price of a couple of film tickets, but probably not 10/10 as there isn't a full game around it. Now if they made a full length Batman detective game on the other hand...
  17. You could say the same of Journey. This is a lot like that game. It's lovely and awesome and touching and great. And VR makes it very absorbing. Get it.
  18. Yeah Sega need to be all over this.
  19. Don't listen to Nap. If you have a PS3 and haven't played Vanquish, get Vanquish. Or if you haven't got a PS3 and haven't played Vanquish, get a PS3 and Vanquish. Or if you haven't got a PS3 but have played Vanquish but not for a while get a PS3 and play Vanquish. Or if you have a PS3 and Vanquish just fucking play Vanquish. Got it?
  20. I thought it was going to be Napster had risen from the grave, but for films.
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