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  1. 9 hours ago, Nick R said:

    27-0 at the moment! Is this the most one-sided poll we've ever had? :lol:


    A while ago I had an idea for what our next forum film poll could be once the GOTY awards are done: Rllmuk's favourite animated feature films. But I never suggested it because I wouldn't have time to count the votes and do the writeups. Looking at the people who've organised our polls before... how about it, @ngchol / @Benny / @Chosty / @lordcookie:eyebrows:


    You've already had your pound of flesh from me.

  2. Well I've given it a listen and I have to say that apart from a few tracks it's definitely a bit weak. The opening track is probably the best, the really good opener is then spoiled by the next track, picks ups a bit in the middle with Monday Hunt, but then that and Inferno Galore is too repetitive. Beware the Beast sounds like it's from a different artist entirely and not in a good way. I appreciate that it's trying to recreate a particular kind of sound with that track, and maybe it's trying to be ironic, but the effect just comes across as embarrassing. The rest is pretty forgettable.


    EDIT: In fact the opening track has really grown on me, it's just the rest is meh.

  3. A note on results:


    If any games got the same score in the voting, then the one which got the most total votes of the two will rank higher, or if that is the same, then the the one with the most higher ranked votes.


    For the single vote categories, if there is a tie then the entry that was the last to be voted for to reach its current score will be ranked lower, I.e. If its rival was holding a higher ranking longer.

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