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  1. I actually have a bit of a moral problem with some aspects of the story:



    The way Jessica's mother was painted as a monster and that nearly every character including Jessica's best friend was saying she absolutely had to be killed and that there was no other way was a very disturbing reaction to someone suffering from brain damage and mental illness. Even the premeditated stuff she did seemed to be triggered by a particular psychosis over her husband. The fact that she had super strength is not really relevant, as she was only as dangerous any other disturbed person armed with a gun for example, which given the current problems in America is particularly relevant. Unless I'm perhaps missing the point and this was the intention of the show, but Jessica ends up being the only person to decide to help her, but even that comes from the fact it's her mother and she doesn't want to lose her, rather than any discussion about how someone with those kinds of issues could be helped.


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