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  1. 6 hours ago, HoiOimMarkBrown said:

    I'd be interested to know if any games received a sole number one vote, with no mention anywhere else in any other list.


    All these games had only one vote, at 1st place, and came nowhere near the top 200 (not sure about the other lists):


    Iridis Alpha





    Ghosts n Goblins





    Team Fortress Classic






    Populous: the Beginning







    Viewtiful Joe






    Ridge Racer V






    Day of the Tentacle (this one made the last top 100)




  2. 39 minutes ago, smelly bastard said:

    Biggest weirdo?  That is, fewest games in top 100?


    (clears space on mantelpiece)


    That would be really tricky to work out actually. Possibly SeanR - only 4 games in the top 100 and he voted for 4 Assassin's Creed games.


    But so far the weirdest with only his top 2 games making it into the top 100 is clippa

  3. Most top 100 games by original format released on:


    NES: 1

    SNES: 8

    Megadrive: 1


    Saturn: 1

    PSX: 4

    N64: 7


    Dreamcast: 4

    PS2: 8

    Xbox: 3

    Gamecube: 4


    PS3: 19

    Wii: 4

    Xbox 360: 15


    PS4: 10

    XBone: 5

    Wii U:  4


    PC: 23


    Game Boy: 2

    GBA: 2

    DS: 1

    3DS: 2

    Switch: 3

    PSP: 1

    Vita: 2


    Arcade: 5


    Best original format for top 100 games: PC!

  4. I really hate this idea that people must be slavish to continuity, it's just so limiting 


    Current ep:



    This was one of my favourite so far. Slightly hammy in parts but really enjoyed the twists and turns and actual character development. But not enough Sauru. Also I think our pilot guy is the albino Klingon genetically altered to be a spy, and it's going to result in some descendents issues.


  5. 50 minutes ago, mdn2 said:

    @Benny, do you have a WiiU? I have a copy of BotW you can have for all your hard work if you want it. 


    Don't worry, I'm not mental. I have the Switch version as well.


    Unfortunately not, no. I've now figured seeing as I never had one I might as well go straight to a Switch when I can get round to it too. WiiUs are surprisingly hard to find.

  6. 1 hour ago, Qazimod said:

    @Benny is there any data available on best games by year? We might as well get the 2016 GOTY poll while we're here ( :wub: you really @Wiper )


    I might do a top 100 games entries per year. That way we can see what the best year of games was once and for all.

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