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  1. This was something that's come up in the Mario Odyssey thread but thought it deserved a thread. What's your favorite game pad? For comfort, ease of use or button action.


    You can list other favorite controllers as well, but I'm most interested in the humble pad.


    I think for me so far I've never gotten over the chunkyness of the original Xbox fat controller for playing Halo. The face buttons were shit and mushy, mind... And the D-pad was terrible... But the lovely firm and clicky sticks! And finally a controller that fit my huge hands





    Modern gaming day to day use though, I like the Dual Shock 4, elegant design, no longer terrible analog sticks that are loose and become gooey after a short time, and excellent buttons:





  2. 7 minutes ago, Fallows said:

    I remember arguing with all the cool kids at school regarding why SMW was better than Sonic. Similarly with SF2 vs. MK.


    Then the cool kids all grew up to be boring middle managers, but we all bought sports cars and waxed lyrical about our correct opinions of Nintendo games while relaxing in our beach getaways.




    Halo 3: ODST




    Original format: X360. Released: 2009

    (2015 Rllmuk top 100 position: N/A, number of votes: 5.)


    You lot do lurve your Halo games… I like the concept of this one though, and it was nice that it included Halo 3’s multiplayer stuff.


    No one did writeups unfortunately!




    Super Meat Boy




    Original format: X360. Released: 2010

    (2015 Rllmuk top 100 position: N/A, number of votes: 5.)


    Despite gaining more votes than in 2015, it’s one of those games I don’t think I’ll go back to now that I’ve come away from its maddening grasp. I did a mini write up back then:


    “Speaking of genuinely angry - here is a game designed by absolute bastards. Single screen levels of platforming pain, with the delightful touch of showing you a replay of all of the previous failed attempts together once you complete each level to rub it in. It helps that you never genuinely feel that it is not your fault however, as the controls are some of the tightest and most rewarding outside of Mario titles.”


    Jolly (again!): “Meat Boy may always be smiling, but it's obvious within seconds of starting that he hates you and your stupid fucking fingers. This game is ridiculously hard. Outrageously tough. It features levels that surely must have been put together by a spike fetishist in a huff. It strikes me as the kind of thing that the naughty kids at Nintendo (who sit at the back of the class and throw screwed up bits of paper at Miyamoto) would make if they were allowed to stop making games about magic triangles and moustaches. It's got that same lavish level of attention; that feeling that the placement of every single platform has been agonised over; that you only really find in Mario games. Its also got that same glorious level of tactility and control. The stickiness as you slide down the walls, the softness of the landing, the flap-flapping as he breaks into a run. Meat Boy was one of the first in a revival of rock hard platformers, but unlike others that seemed to reward a measured, thoughtful response, this rewards going hell-for-leather and making quick decisions on the fly. Its retro-inspired style has been used so many times now that it feels weirdly of its time, but although Meat Boy may not be as rare as he once was he is still exceptionally well done.”



    Diablo III




    Original format: PC. Released: 2012

    (2015 Rllmuk top 100 position: N/A, number of votes: 5.)


    Digital crack, that’s what Diablo 3 is. I remember playing the demo and sayong to myself: you can’t get this THING, as it’s just too addictive and will consume your life. Did I listen? No.


    Vimster: “Blizzard pulled this out of the bin and it became one of the best action RPGs around. Was addicted to this for quite some time.”


    Sabreman: “The only real contender for that number two spot. Over the past five years I've put a scary amount of time into it, and I still regularly play it all day.”




    F-Zero GX




    Original format: GC. Released: 2003

    (2015 Rllmuk top 100 position: N/A, number of votes: 5.)


    It was level pegging with it’s predecessor for a while then X pulled way ahead. Still a fabulous and gorgeous racer even today, many would say this was the best version of F-Zero ever made, and it wasn’t even an entirely Nintendo product!


    Swishing round the tracks today makes one realise just how much of a shame it was that the Gamecube wasn’t more of a success, as it played host to nearly ALL of Nintendo’s great franchises and in truly superb form too.


    But alas, we have yet to see another F-Zero game...




    Forza Horizon 2




    Original format: X360/XBone. Released: 2014

    (2015 Rllmuk top 100 position: N/A, number of votes: 5.)


    Rllmuk absolutely loves Forza. This is just the Forza game that got the most votes, so you could argue by right it should be in the top 100 somewhere… But alas, Forza fans could not agree, and it’s only just missed out on a place. I have not played it myself, but if I wanted a realistic racer, this is definitely one place I’d look.


    sprite says: “Forza Horizon 2, the game that sold me an Xbox One.”


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