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  1. 59 minutes ago, Hexx said:


    How many made it through?



    Chris, Sam and the detestable Emily. I also made the same stupid mistake with Ashley and the trapdoor like many people. Was so close with Mike at the end but I bottled it right at the end with Sam after hiding several times, as I thought I should make a break for it at some point. I think it actually made for a cooler ending. Emily surviving I actually like as it feels more poetic to save the one you hate. Ashley was gutting as it was so stupid, but in some ways made sense her curiosity got her killed in the end. Emily was Matt's ultimate downfall in the end which just makes me hate her more. As for Jess, I think I could have saved her, but was ultimately just a wrong choice made leading to a grim and unhappy death which didn't really add to it after I thought she'd bought it already. Mike grew on me, started out hating him but he won me over after hacking off his own fingers.


  2. I started this last night at essentially the same time period the game takes place in and finished at 6 in the morning. So literally played until dawn. Atmosphere was great.

  3. My interpretation was thus:



    I did pick up on the look in MacReady's eye when he handed Childs the bottle, but I put that more down to apprehension. I actually believe that they are both human, and that the monster is potentially vanquished (though they would not know this), so they are just two men sharing one last drink as they wait for certain death from natural causes, never likely to know if their efforts were in vain, and maybe even likely to turn on each other before the end.


  4. I'd never even seen clips of it or read any exact plot details before either.


    Let me be clear: from this perspective as a newcomer, it could have come out tomorrow and it would still have felt fresh, visually peerless in terms of grotesque effects and utterly utterly compelling.

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