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  1. On 08/06/2016 at 10:57, Punished Smitty said:

    Y'know, I genuinely don't think the collective you can take it.


    The forum has demonstrated time and time again that honestly relaying a view that goes against majority opinion is bad move that doesn't warrant the effort involved. 


    I've learned my lesson: conform. 


    It's not like any of this matters anyway.


    This pleases The Cobynites. We are your family now. Bow down to your new grey bearded god.

  2. I always dress Geralt smartly for special occasions, with trendy glasses. I think more games should encourage the whole Fashion Souls thing like From did with DS3 by basically breaking the Poise stat so any armour configuration will do.

  3. On 09/07/2016 at 08:42, Thaylia said:

    And did you see the screenshot of the new grenade launcher Benny is working on? :D



    New grenade launcher.jpg


    Wow, I've been productive lately!


    Joking aside, I might have to buy this - I used to play loads of Q3 Arena and Unreal Tournament 2003/2004 (instagib is best!) back in the day and there hasn't been any game since that captures the same magic.

  4. 14 minutes ago, PK said:

    I regularly forget, remember, and vow to re-watch ExistenZ.  I vaguely remember it being a pretty great science fiction story about simulated reality and guns which fire teeth, but I'm worried it hasn't aged well so haven't watched it for about ten years.


    I remember watching that once on a portable TV in an abandoned car park (don't ask). It properly fucked me up good.

  5. Just did that Roach quest in B&W. Can't believe I missed it as it was brilliant. When you have tiny little side quests hidden away on a world map that are more emotionally affecting than the whole story of most other games it's really embarrassing for them.

  6. You know how I said I was glad to be living in a parallel universe because that's the only plausible explanation for why this is being made? Well certain other recent events have put that into perspective and I'm not so sure anymore and I was wondering if it might be best to switch universes again.


    Although, I mean if that meant losing Shenmue 3 then, well, on balance...





  7. That single quest line has probably a higher standard of writing, acting and overall handling of the material in question than most games could only dream of, and that's with multiple outcomes. Also, it makes a lot of the sort of stuff that happens in Game of Thrones seem poorly written, crass and exploitative.

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