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  1. Watched the new trailer. At first I was in, but then I was out.



    It starts off gritty looking and filthy and very Blade Runner, but then it goes colourful and pristine and looked bollix.


  2. I quite like it still, but I'm a few episodes in and it seems to have dropped the sci-fi a bit in favour of more slow motion music/sexy videos. Don't get me wrong, I love sexy music videos, but I swear the episodes could be half as long without all the slow mo.


    I think it's the dumbest show I've ever actually still liked.

  3. I don't understand why you'd set out thinking you'll hate something before playing it. It's one thing to read rules, quite another putting them into practice. I have to say I was not enamoured enough with the rules of Gloomhaven to back it before I played it.

  4. But there is so much meaning contained in every beautiful shot and it truly is a feast for the eyes, and that in itself is reason enough to watch it. I literally could not imagine having this on as background TV - it demands your attention as atmosphere drips from every frame.

  5. Well I fucking love Overwatch. It's an unbelievably well designed game, which is why I've pumped over a hundred hours into it. You get stupid people in any online game, that's just how it goes, and especially if it's a team based game there will always be shitty plays. If I get frustrated I just play something else. But I keep coming back, because it's brilliant.

  6. I think I'm starting to become a little obsessed with Gloomhaven. I'm thinking about it now at work when I'm not playing it and thinking about how I want to improve my character's abilities. It's odd because it is a different medium, but I saw a review comparing the feeling of playing it to the first time playing World of Warcraft back in its heyday. It's quite apt.


    God I love it.

  7. Yeah Scythe is actually an excellent game. It's not as good as you would expect from the hype, which made it sound like a second coming, but their review kind of felt like they realised they couldn't mark it down for being a bad game so had to fall back on criticising nitpicky bits in it because it was too hyped, which is not at all the fault of the game.

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