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  1. I went to buy Jaipur while I was on the bog at work as I'd been looking forward to the deal. Added it to the cart, went to pay, and forgot about the delivery charge under £20, so by that point couldn't be arsed to find anything else I wanted and still paid £14 which didn't feel very bargainous in the end.


    EDIT: I win though because I was effectively being paid to buy things on Amazon.

  2. When Bond says, "It's not over yet" I groaned, "Oh shit...really?!" Not a fan.

    Oddly enough I thought exactly the same thing at that point, though that may be partly because I had been dying for a piss since about an hour into the film and desperately needed it to end.

    I miss the days when most action films fitted into a tight, flabless 90 minutes. E.g.: Assault on Precinct 13.

  3. On the strength of the forum game currently going I have now bought Codenames. Can't wait try it with my family. Also bought Carcasonne to play with my girlfriend as I'd never played it and wanted a good intro game for a non boardgamer - first game was a good one and we both really enjoyed it.

    Been going to a board games club quite regularly as well and so far have played several games I've never played before as well as rediscovering some others:

    Takenoko: light, easy to get the hang of, fun and relaxing. Played several games in fact. It might not be the deepest game but I loved it.

    Splendor: when I first tried it I didn't really get the appeal at first, but for some reason it's now entered my brain and I can't stop thinking about wanting to play it again. Very moreish.

    Portal: confused the fuck out of me and I kept repeatedly screwing myself over. Definitely want to play more though as it was mechanically very interesting

    Settlers of Catan: oddly enough I'd never actually played this before, but won my first ever game of it! Another one I'll buy for family gatherings.

    Ticket to Ride: a lot of people had been going on about this one to me - can't say I was as enamoured with it as some, as I'm not sold on the theme, but it was very enjoyable and will probably still get it as it will be another good family game

    Love Letter: loved it. Bought the fuck out of it.

    The Resistance: I love bluffing/traitor games even though I suck at them and this was brilliant in a pub full of pissed up board gamers.

  4. Also watched The Wicker Man and thought it was brilliant. Amusing, creepy, disturbing and gripping.

    Excellent. Nice that you hadn't seen it before as it's one of the greatest horror films ever made. And while we're on that subject of best ever made, The Shining was mentioned and is a good shout, as is Don't Look Now.

    Also, give Carrie a try. (Again, NOT the remake.)

  5. Online multiplayer is the core game really. Illusions work surprisingly well, in the sense that you might legitimately try a hard spell when you appear to be "safe" to get an advantage, and the other player has to weigh up whether they want to risk potentially losing a spell cast on their turn to find out if you didn't have the mana (which you can boost by burning cards which they don't see)

    It's excellent.

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