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  1. 3 hours ago, Always Crazy Bacon said:


    They would be fine if they were presented as long form music videos and brought up to date. However they don't, they just clone the "golden age of Hollywood". The old people clap like seals, the fans agree it's amazing in an echo chamber of approval and nothing is updated or evolved to get new younger movie goers interested.


    Do you understand now?


    Great old musicals from the golden age of Hollywood are just as good now as they were then. Being old, or using old styles of filmmaking doesn't make something worse, just different. Great art or filmmaking doesn't age like your mobile phone does. It doesn't need to be "brought up to date". It just requires the right interpretation of its own form of language from the audience.

  2. Oh yeah, and she tried to write an utterly insipid article about how famous primate murderer and bloodlust fantasist A.A Gill definitely would have wanted her to tell him how much she admired him, and was obviously not at all an ego massaging exercise in narcissism.

  3. Hadley Freeman is one of The Guardian's worst columnists. An article defending the fashion industry and blaming women themselves for creating body image problems was one of the worst, and very poorly researched.

  4. Suspension of disbelief is key. It actually sometimes takes an acquired ability for some people to do it well, and it's a shame many people then struggle with it as it's so fundamental to the language of lots of incredible art. Musicals are just another way of telling a story where that language has it's own specific conventions.

  5. I really don't understand why people hate musicals so much. The arguments Ryan Gosling makes in the film in response about how so many people say they don't like Jazz can be applied in exactly the same way to musicals. They are perhaps the purest expressions of joy and passion as you can get. The whole gamut of emotion expressed through music, dance, and song. Singing in the Rain is something I used to snort about, as the very idea of watching a musical filled me with disgust. Until I watched it, and I mean I really watched it and paid attention, as it blew me away, as I got caught up in it for the first time. And it's now one of my favourite ever films.

  6. Fucking brilliant. I did not know what to expect of this other than that I loved Whiplash. 100% my tempo.


    Also, spoiler thoughts on one scene:



    The scene where she has her last audition and is singing here's to you, poets, artists, dreamers and slightly delightfully mad people - I kept thinking about how today with the rise of shitty politics and utter nastiness in the world, we need those artists to capture the imagination of a generation, as facism hates those with individual thoughts and dreams. And it made me well up.


  7. I'm not saying it's in the same league as that film at all, just that it had a certain feel about it. I still maintain that it's much better in that sense than it's given credit for, but I've only seen it once so I'll have to give it another look first.

  8. I don't think it's intending for you to admire it, but by lavishly depicting the excess and generally unimpeded lifestyle of the main character without much in the way of alternative framing for any consequences of this, it is somewhat limited in its own scope, and you are left to either condemn or enjoy it, as it doesn't really plumb any deeper issues or meaning, and just ends up being a bit gauche.

  9. There are many excellent character relationships in this that are actually more subtle than many people give the film credit for. The two temple guardian friends for example have quite a wordless bond that comes across more in their body language than anything else. If anything the film felt a lot like Seven Samurai for me in how it dealt with an ensemble of badasses thrown together. Didn't quite have a force of nature to compare with Toshiro Mifune, but still.

  10. Also, watch The Wolf of Wall street as a comparison. This is a vastly superior film. Where that film seems to revel in the excess, this one makes stark how they were indirectly causing the deaths and misery of millions.

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