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  1. I would like to formally apologise to the entire forum and by extension the rest of the human race for when I posted in here that people should let it go. I was gloriously wrong and thus am duly chastened.






    ... (And I never let it go :( )

  2. Finished this on Veteran last night. My general impression on reflection now is that it's actually not quite as good as the first game or its expansion, despite the many improvements to so many individual elements. Also, while not the end of the world and game breaking, the game is still definitely very buggy even after the first patch and the ini file tweaks, and feels like it needs a good few patches to be solid.


    The worst offender is the loading screens which take ages and stutter unbelievably badly, but this is usually absent from missions, outside of the occasional hilarious odd behaviour. I had one instance of one of my Psi units casting their area effect attack, only for them to get two free actions and do it 3 times in the same place, which was great for me and not so great for the 3 mechs in the area, but not really a valid result. I'm not sure if the game got confused because the unit has a gun mod that allowed for a small chance of extra fire actions, but it was a bit strange and by no means the only instance of something like that happening.


    Overall though, a solid purchase.

  3. I bought the Lambda shuttle the other day and both the supplied plastic pegs refused to fit into the base and it kept popping off and falling over unceremoniously. A little twisting and cursing later and it was all good. A bit like my love life.

  4. I think you've mistaken what I was saying for moaning: I like the game, I just care more about thematic play than actually winning anything and I don't take it seriously in the least. Certainly not enough to buy a model just for the cards it comes with anyway, though on that front I've nearly crumbled a bit.

  5. After playing it a bit and attending one tournament I've long since realised I will never be competitive at X-wing - you have to spend money on certain ships or cards to get the most competitive builds (Starviper for example for the Autothrusters for my favourite Interceptors, which I don't actually want to buy as I'm not very interested in the ship.)


    Plus I can never stick to one group and keep changing the ships I use as I get bored easily playing the the same set more than a few times, which you'd have to do to test it out. It's all about the theme for me: Wedge, Biggs and Luke together? Sure why not! If they die they die, I still want to fly them.


    I've played a few games with people that have said stuff like: you should really get such and such card to make X list work, when I've played them (as they are trying to find out the weaknesses of their lists for tournaments), but that's just less interesting to me, and feels like you're paying to win basically, which was one of the things I hated about Magic: the Gathering. Netrunner in some ways also has this problem now, but to a lesser extent.

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