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  1. I've been playing as though I was on Hard Mode then without realising.
  2. Furie What is it with baddies in these kinds of films always being organ harvesters. Anyway, liked the lead star, but much as I like a bit of well choreographed martial arts action, it was mostly a bit tepid. The narrative glue that helps hold it all together was quite weak and the fights tended to be over just as they started to get good. Nice colour palette though. 2.5/5
  3. I dunno, if it was an "opt-in" element it might have been fun for a second playthrough. It did seem thought up when everyone in the industry was still coming up with ideas that were basically "what if X but Dark Souls" though.
  4. Seeing as we're pre deadline I've put Inscryption up a place now that I've finished it.
  5. Just realised the thread title still says "invade other players campaigns". Don't think that's ever been in the game since launch?! I wondered why the feature was dropped in the end, probably balancing or performance issues.
  6. Finished this last night. Kept me up until 3am twice. Absolutely brilliant.
  7. Online it's 2 player only I think.
  8. Benny

    Disco Elysium

    Quite a bold purchase! Incidentally when you take any form of damage during conversations it's pretty in your face with screen going red and the main character making a sound of being hurt. Things which nearly universally in all games ever indicate being closer to death. There's very few games where you wouldn't expect to die from that indicated damage at some point.
  9. I honestly think the best argument for the emulated version was just that mod that allowed players to be a different gendered Link. That one option alone is the only thing I think would have been nice to have in the game originally for a bit of inclusivity. Did that mod exist or am I making it up?
  10. I'm assuming it would support a Switch Pro pad? I might wait until I've played BotW2 before attempting any PC stuff.
  11. Its quite bemusing why it's expected to explain at length or find justifications for why people might have enjoyed the campaign rather than why they hated it. As if it being a bad game is already the self evident truth and any other reality must be questioned and deconstructed.
  12. The Power of the Dog Found this quite a mesmerising watch, with occasional sheer on edge tension courtesy of a really fantastic score. 4/5
  13. It's easy enough. Just follow this instructional video:
  14. Every time I fought a group of Sentinels I had to keep a defibrillator nearby just to keep myself conscious.
  15. One issue was Big Battle Mode was basically unjoinable if you were in a fireteam, at least that was the case before Xmas, if they haven't fixed it.
  16. That being said in my post above: after they unlocked the campaign on release they also somehow managed to break the multiplayer matchmaking and various other things for no apparent reason. As bad as when the PUBG devs would randomly introduce stupid issues throughout its life whenever people thought the game was finally fixed and solid. So that's shit and needs sorting, before it sounds like I'm defending incompetence
  17. RubberJohnny has posted that desync thing from Reddit before. I'm not sure it's much of a gotcha when few of us playing the multiplayer have noticed the exact issue - so we've not exactly had our enjoyment affected in hundreds of hours. Maybe it affects pro players in tournaments. Maybe that will kill the game in future. Maybe they will fix it before then if it's an issue... Big whoop.
  18. "Did you like or dislike Halo Infinite?" "Yes."
  19. Seems pretty clear to me. So looks like quite a few posters have some edits to do if they want their votes to be counted at the end of the week
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