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  1. The PC is where I go for nearly everything I love that is old and new. More interesting indie games than you can count and so much free stuff it's frankly disgusting. And that's before you even think about Game Pass or emulation.


    I've put a lot of time into console games obviously, but when it comes to the sheer number of different experiences and ways to play different things, PC gaming all the way.

  2. Played a bit of Huntdown on it. It's a somewhat brilliant way to play it, only the way the controls work is maybe not quite as well suited as far as buttons go. But it does make it feel like you've found the best arcade game ever in Arcade mode.

  3. I specifically didn't just put three Akira Kurosawa films because there's no chance the office water cooler conversation is going to gravitate to "that classic Japanese subtitled movie that was on late last night". Either that or you're working in the most hipster office.

  4. I bought it. Was only £13 on the Epic store with the sale voucher and I think I want to play the whole thing rather than seeing more of the demo. It's the kind of game I want to see more of so those devs are getting my money.

  5. I played the demo of this last night. It's wonderful. A witty, engaging and gorgeous adventure game that keeps you on your toes.


    Shame about that bug, I'll probably come back when they've fixed it.


    Edit: apparently you can get around the softlock by holding down the select button for 5 seconds and select restart scene or return to map.

  6. I keep thinking we've kind of had Fallout in Spaaaaaaace already with The Outer Worlds. I think I'm honestly looking forward to the sequel to that game more. For the very specific RPG elements I enjoyed from Fallout I expect that game will end up more polished, and Starfield will be more of a Bethesda grab bag.

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