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  1. 6 hours ago, ZOK said:

    Indeed, why is something a waste of time if we gain pleasure from it?


    Sitting in front of the telly eating ice cream is immensely pleasurable. So is playing video games.


    But time put into both of those things are equal in terms of value, for sure. I would count time spent stepping out of your front door doing anything else as more valuable to me as a human organism, personally.


    But it's all subjective. I don't rank passive pleasures as being a 'good thing'. I still enjoy them obviously, and waste my time with them obviously, but I know I'm capable of much more with my time.


    I don't expect that to be a popular view on a forum which is the cream on top of the ice cream, but so what? 


    One of the most significant aspects of human existence itself over other animals can probably be boiled down to our general search for meaning. So in this sense, playing a video game and experiencing discovery in either a virtual world like this or the real world holds just as much inherent value.

  2. 6 hours ago, bear said:

    Terrible Escapist Comic



    I'm not entirely sure if this or the tropes in videogames thread was the right place for this but I hadn't realised how bad The Escapist had gotten with this gamergate shite.



    The basic idea behind the joke isn't the worst thing in the world but the brown squirrels line is just weird. I wonder if Yahtzee agrees with that stuff or if he just has the whole site over a barrel as the only thing they have worth a damn is Zero Punctuation.  


    That comic has always been utter garbage.

  3. Tournament write up time!


    Just a short one this but thought I'd detail it a bit:


    I ran my above list:


    Biggs with R2-D2 and Stealth Device

    2 x basic B-wings with Heavy Laser, Fire control, b-wing crew upgrade, and one with Tactician one with Jan Ors.



    Match 1: vesus Dash Rendar with heavy laser and all that horrible stuff, and "Chopper" in the VCX-100


    Started badly with me choosing to charge ahead with 4 speeds which have been successful before but with big ships this was probably not so good. Chopper rammed into my formation good and proper, crippling my B-wings and preventing them moving out of the way, then Dash just arc dodged and repeatedly positioned himself just right at range 3 to not have to shoot Biggs and to get 4 dice with the cannon into my B-wing with Jan Ors so it couldn't be used to protect Biggs. Though the VCX was such a damage sponge I still didn't manage to damage it enough for half points as I was 1 point away from that! Lost 100-0



    Match 2: versus 5 A-wings with Crack Shot, Adaptability and some with Stealth Device I think


    I loved flying against this list but unfortunately my B-wings did not. Biggs died to focused crack shot fire from all 5 ships on the second or third round, then my B-wings trapped a couple of A-wings in a knife fight and took one out, but then the rest just chipped and chipped away until I was toast. Lost 100-21



    Match 3: versus 2x (!) VCX-100s. One was Chopper and one standard one I think, both tricked out with stuff like Dash on one to be okay landing on obstacles and anti pursuit lasers.


    So having been embarrassed by a VCX-100 list before that I thought I would have done okay against, this match then went a lot better than the first one - he made a mistake early on and ended up landing the one on an asteroid that didn't have Dash on board. Biggs and the B-wings completely tore it to shreds in one round with three good rolls and target locks as it had been damaged by an asteroid and he drew a double damage crit on the last volley. The second ship managed to get a shot or two off on Biggs, but he never lost more than his shields the whole game. Won 100-0




    (by proxy through someone else but still...)

  4. Earlier I invaded someone who was near the bottom ledges near the dangerous stairs so I stayed at the top and shot greatarrows down at them. They couldn't see me just knew there were arrows coming from above. A valiant Sunbro was standing in front of the host with his shield deflecting arrows from him and occasionally trying to fire blindly back at me. After a while the yellow one took it upon himself to charge upstairs to find me while the host hid somewhere.


    I shot some more at the goldenboy as he ran towards me on the top ramp, then as he got exhausted running around the corner I smacked him over the head with a hammer until he died.


    The host was on his own then, but the Sunbro certainly fought valiantly until the bitter end. As I crushed his skull.

  5. 3 hours ago, mechamonkey said:

    I was but got scared off by the hacker caused bans so I picked it u on ps4 (also to coop with friends) 


    I think it's since been confirmed that the hacker didn't actually cause any bans and has been banned themselves now.


    EDIT: and by the by, after being inspired by that last video I've spent several merry hours in CoC trolling people and shooting them off ledges. I'm such a total bastard.


    Though they are all clearly in NG+ so they need the challenge.

  6. 15 minutes ago, mechamonkey said:

    Had a great little sesh this morning after sadly not being able to get on last night (apologies @dood).

    cleared quite a bit off 

      Hide contents

    did UG and worked out how to get to AP (feeling like a right clever clogs) then cleared AP (died so got to help someone with the wyvern fight before I went in alone, so I knew what to do sadly)

    killed HtR, and second boss surprisingly easily, I think I was in full on balls deep concentration mode.


    i very much like being Nemesis the Warlock :)



    Wait, are you playing on PC? I fought someone named Nemesis the Warlock the other day...

  7. On the subject of that bit with the two


    crocodile rats


    I just remembered I once summoned someone just before to help, who had voice comms on. I cleared the fireball guys like a boss as we got invaded and killed the invader so he was like, "nice, mate. Nice." And then we got to the ladder which I pointed to so he went "oh right are we going this way, cool, never seen that." So I get to the bottom, accidentally aggro both, and run back up the ladder before he's got off and we both peg it, all the while him going "oh shit oh shit!" Get to the top and he's pissing himself laughing looking down the hole going "They're EATING THE LADDER, FUCK THAT!" I keep making falling to knees gestures and pointing down the ladder and he goes "You still need to go down there? You must be joking."


    And he then ran off up the ramp, only to get shot off. I think the last thing I heard him say as he fell was "What the fuck? Oh, cobblers!"


    Great guy.

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