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  1. You should feel dirty because this advice comes from someone who's spent hours using the sniper crossbow to troll invaded players whilst wearing the obscuring ring. I had someone jump to his death once because he thought he was being damaged by a hacker. Free pale tongues!

  2. 1 hour ago, Nathan Wind said:

    This plays like a dream. In fact, I'm going to liken it to a rhythm action game as much as a shooter.  I felt myself drifting into a Rez-like state a couple of times firing, gliding, punching, firing, gliding, punching.  Not even clambering up stuff interrupts that beat.  It's all just so....smooth.  There's no word that better describes it.


    Edit - maybe "punchy".


    Could do without the crashes to desktop, mind you. PCgaminglol.


    Sounds a bit like, dare I say it, Vanquish....

  3. I was non-plussed with Days of Future Past when I first watched it as there seemed to be just too much illogical dumb shit going on. But on second viewing on dvd I actually really liked it and for some absurd reason enjoyed it more than my second viewing of The Force Awakens which I'd loved at the cinema... So maybe this will be the same.



    But I doubt it.

  4. I love the Purple bros covenant. Just spent a merry few hours until my PC overheated doing some jolly uncooperation. I had an awesome time in the area just after PS right after I invaded someone who had a phantom friend with them. I persuaded them both I was friendly with quick talky stones, and proceeded to help them kill every invading red and purple phantom. At one point they both went ahead and up the stairs, only for a purple bro that had invaded to run past me and give me a friendly wave on the way. Using my new double agent status, I ran up behind the purple one and stabbed them in the back once they caught up with and were about to fight the host and her phantom companion.


    It was short lived however, as at one point after a big fight with some more phantoms back down the stairs the host either got bored or attacked me by accident, as she killed me then did the falling to her knees gesture. I like to think they will remember their mad purple pal.

  5. 26 minutes ago, clumpyjamie said:

    How are you supposed to beat those crocodiles? When I fight them I can't even see what's going on. Wherever I turn the camera it's just hair and teeth.



    Are you on the PC version? Going to be going down there embered soon?



  6. 3 hours ago, clumpyjamie said:

    Those 2 hairy crocodile things. Yeah, them. Fuck them!


    I invaded someone yesterday just as they were running up to the building they are in. I hid for a bit, waited until they had gone down the ladder, and climbed down halfway to watch them fight one. They killed it, and I thought, oh fair play, those pricks took me ages! Then I slid down the ladder and helped the second one murder them.

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