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  1. I like the sound of FF12, might have to look into it (I've never really given the FF series the time of day due to the length and random battles). Has there been a HD re-release?

    Alas, not, so far. I really wish they had released that on Steam instead of XIII, and I would make a comment about Square Enix not giving fans what they want here, if it wasn't for the recent E3 remake megaton...

  2. After I heard about the issues with Hola I've switched to Tunnelbear. Seems decent and I seem to have less connection issues with it. Not bad for an extra 3 quid or so a month to get non UK listings I guess.

  3. Thanks, Yasawas, this has been enjoyable to write up!

    A quick note on process: ordering issues with the first 5 above aside, a lot of the lower tier games have the same points in some cases, so their place on the list is based on score first, which if the same then higher total votes wins, and if total votes are also the same then the game with votes closer to 1st then wins that matchup.

  4. Some more footage of that Fast Racing Neo. It's at 720p60 and a direct feed of just the game. Looks impressive.

    Hold on. Hold the fuck on... Nintendo still haven't made a new F-Zero game, so someone said: you know what Nintendo, enough is enough, and then made their own great looking F-Zero style game for the Wii U in all but name?


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