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  1. 1 hour ago, Barnard said:


    Guns.  :-(


    Yeah I don't like that at all. The proton packs made them seem much more like fire-fighters or animal control than soldiers or action heroes. An important distinction.

  2. I think this is going to be my list for an upcoming tourney:


    “Whisper” (40) TIE Phantom (32), Intelligence Agent (1), Fire-Control System (2), Veteran Instincts (1), Advanced Cloaking Device (4)


    Captain Yorr (24)


    Bounty Hunter (36) Firespray-31 (33), Recon Specialist (3)


    I might drop int agent for initiative.

  3. Apologies for the necrobump. It just struck me earlier that it was a shame games like The Witcher 3 and Bloodborne came out a bit late to feature in people's votes for this list, as I can see them doing well in our 2015 forum awards. Out of interest, are there any games that people are voting for in the 2015 awards that they would have put on their existing top 20 votes for this all time list if they had come out sooner? I could probably whack the changes in the spreadsheet to see what effect it would have had...

  4. I kind of fancy playing HOTS right now actually, after finishing XCOM2 a bit quick and being kind of underwhelmed. If I want to get Blood and Wine as soon as it comes out as well will the Season pass be the most cost effective option? At the moment HOTS is I think £7.50 ish.

  5. It's like they looked at the original, and spectacularly missed all the reasons why it was great, and replaced subtle wry humour with whatever this utter bullshit is. And the thundering simpletons complaining about teh womenz are just making it worse by making me want to root for the film by association.

  6. I would like to formally apologise to the entire forum and by extension the rest of the human race for when I posted in here that people should let it go. I was gloriously wrong and thus am duly chastened.






    ... (And I never let it go :( )

  7. Finished this on Veteran last night. My general impression on reflection now is that it's actually not quite as good as the first game or its expansion, despite the many improvements to so many individual elements. Also, while not the end of the world and game breaking, the game is still definitely very buggy even after the first patch and the ini file tweaks, and feels like it needs a good few patches to be solid.


    The worst offender is the loading screens which take ages and stutter unbelievably badly, but this is usually absent from missions, outside of the occasional hilarious odd behaviour. I had one instance of one of my Psi units casting their area effect attack, only for them to get two free actions and do it 3 times in the same place, which was great for me and not so great for the 3 mechs in the area, but not really a valid result. I'm not sure if the game got confused because the unit has a gun mod that allowed for a small chance of extra fire actions, but it was a bit strange and by no means the only instance of something like that happening.


    Overall though, a solid purchase.

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